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Install MapSource to Hard Drive?

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I have been following an old thread about putting Garmin topo files on the hard drive. I can follow the instructions given for editing the Windows Registry. I want to do this on a new mini EEE computer I bought that doesn't have a disc drive and I don't want to haul around an external drive. So what I need to know is if I will have room on the mini for both GSAK and MapSource. I can't figure out the size of the map programs. Actually I only need the West cd plus installation files. Under 'properties' it says both 1.61 KB and 'size on disc 4.00 KB'. How do I know what the size really is? Any advice appreciated. :)

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well, maybe not really helpful but..


Mapsource itself takes really little space. around 50-100M I think.


Alltough maps are in entirely different weight category.

For my machine for now it is like this:



108M ./EOMAP Eesti


244K ./USB_Drivers

1,7G .


So you see from 1.7G total, 1.6G is city navigator NT9, 108M is local very good and detailed map, 9.8M is garmins trip and waypoint manager stuff..


So, it really depends on how much space does you maps take.


GSAK does not take up much space either.


Best is just to try it, install and see what happens.

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