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Printing geocaching.com google maps


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When visiting larger cities I would like to be able to print the map showing the cache sites by number with a list on the side like the web page shows. When I try to print the page the map compresses and all the other data ie Getting started, Hide & seek as well as the cache name GC code show up. If I highlight the map I am not able to right click and copy or print selection. My question is there some way I can print a map showing cache locations within the geocaching.com site?

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What you could do it take a screen shot of the page, and then print that off.


If you have Windows XP, press the "Print Screen" button, then put that in a image editing document (to crop off that extra bit), then print it off


If you have Windows Vista, use the program that came with it "Snipping Tool", select the area you want using the handy box tool, then save that, then print it off.

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