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Depends ... I went for special ones for my 100th, 500th, and 1000th ... the others, if it worked out it worked out. Usually I was able to find something special, but occasionally I was on a cache run or just plain forgot the milestone was approaching and whatever cache came up ended up with the honor.


I must say I do like having caching friends along for the milestones and picking something memorable makes it all the more fun (for example, we seem to have a cache here in central PA that many cachers seem to choose for their 1000th called Thousand Steps -- a challenging cache well worth the honor).


I'm closing in on my first 100 and was wondering, for all you seasoned cachers. Do you look for a special cache to celebrate your milestone or just take whatever?

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I'm closing in on my first 100 and was wondering, for all you seasoned cachers. Do you look for a special cache to celebrate your milestone or just take whatever?

Most times it's just whatever cache we happen to land on. Sometimes we try to plan one, but as often as not the plan doesn't work out -- we've DNF'd a couple of potential milestone caches, and got distracted by nearby caches other times which threw the planned sequence out of whack. :angry:


The only two that we really planned and felt that we had to get as milestone caches were #500 and #1000. #1000 was Dune, on the tip of Cape Cod and on many people's "favorite-caches" and "must-do lists". #500 was A THOUSAND WORDS. In case it's not self-evident, the reason we had to that one for #500 was in our log:

icon_smile.gif March 26, 2006 by the hermit crabs

What do you say when you finally spot the cache? "Found it!"

How many words is that? Two!

So, how many words have you said by the time you find your 500th cache? A thousand words!


Being very logical crabs, we knew we had to do this one for our 500th find. A little bit of research at home gave us our starting point, so we didn't have to do any random driving; once at the site we followed the trail of pictures with no trouble. There was a bit of a search at the final, but we did end up with our 500th find rather than our forty-somethingth DNF . Took a frog and a monkey; left a hermit crabs postage stamp and a geocaching magnet/pin/carabiner set. Then we went home for lunch: in honor of the cache container, we had peanut butter. Thanks for the cache!

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We pretty much just let them happen. We have never felt that a cool cache was made a whole lot cooler by happening to be our number x00 or xx00 find. There have been several where we didn't even realize we had reached a "milestone" until we were logging our finds for the day.

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For my 100th, I attended my first ever event. I had to cache a little more than usual in the days leading up to it, but it was pretty cool! It was the Georgia Geocachers Association November 2006 meeting. Their November meetings are usually in Savannah, where we were living at the time.

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For our 100th milestone we completed our first multi-cache, which was a lot of fun! There aren't many of those in our area so it was something new and different. For other milestones we have just tried to make sure we were looking for caches by different owners so that we could put their names on our profile page.

Then when we were very near our 500th, another cacher friend placed a tribute cache for us, which made a very nice milestone! I think I associate all of our milestones with the community of cachers we have gotten to know in our area, rather than the individual caches themselves. :P

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I usually try to find something special in some way --an earthcache I've been longing to find or a cache in another state. I didn't realize I had reached one milestone until I was logging and I noticed the numbers getting close to a hundred mark--but it turned out that it was at an old wooden bridge that one of my ancestors had helped build anyway--so that was cool.


I'm thinking that I may want to start a tradition for the thousand-milestone caches, but I haven't decided what that will be yet. Maybe have it be one in a different state, or a cache that has the word thousand in it, or ?

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