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map of u.s. where i found caches

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Copy the following text into your profile (in the "Your profile Details" section)


<img src="http://www.world66.com/myworld66/visitedStates/statemap?visited={state abbreviations here}" height="387" width="550">


Where I put {state abbreviations here} enter the two-letter abbreviation for each state, with no commas or spaces. i.e. Iowa and Texas would be IATX.


Or, since you're a premium member, you could upload your 'my finds' PQ to It's Not About the Numbers and generate all kinds of neat maps.


Edit... the site is experiencing some difficulties right now, but I assure you, they're neat maps.

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In addition, if you have GSAK, you can load your "My Finds" query into it and then get the FindStatsGen macro to get some nice charts and stats which can be loaded into your profile. There's also a program from logicweave.com called CacheStats which does a similar job to itsnotaboutthenumbers but without the online requirement.

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