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how do i download ALL the caches in califorinia

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is there a way of downloading all the caches in california without having to enter 1 zip code at a time
Why would you want to? What is it you're trying to do? Are you going on a trip? If that's the case, check out the "caches along a route" tool. It works great.

Even if one did download all the caches in California, the list would be out of date in no time. New caches being published all the time, old caches being archived etc. Here in San Diego, there are more than 5000 caches just within the county. In the last three years, 20% of those caches have been archived and new ones have replaced them (and then some...)

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Not an easy task. I just looked and there are 52,622 active caches in California. The process would take over 3 months, and then the data would be old. Cache are created and archived daily. Plus, the caches in Reno are closer than the caches in San Diego. Perhaps we should look at what you are trying to accomplish, then work from there?


Based on the locations of the caches that you found, I assume that you travel quite a bit and that you need to be able to load caches for an area on short notice?

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i travel in california from San Fransisco down to tj . and i have a garmin ique 3600, that is a pda with gps. also i have a Triton 400. i have tried (unsuccessfully) to load geocaches from my area and surrounding with no good results i have tried for many many hours.


i just want to get all the caches in california maybe 2 times a year and i will be happy.


the only unit i successfully used for geocaching multiple caches is my old Magellan explorist 500


i am kinda SICK of spending more time on my computer trying to load caches than actually caching!!!

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