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I'm starting to feel that the support for Wherigo is beginning to decline unless, of course, you are prepared to invest in a Colorado.

Looking through posts for help with various set-ups I get the impression that unless you've got a set-up that already gives a good Wherigo performance you may as well forget it!


We've completed one Wherigo, so far, that we thoroughly enjoyed. We want to do more as well as set our own. We're not prepared to do it with the poor VGA display.

We feel that the Wherigo extension to Geocaching has got a lot of potential.


Unfortunately we are in a position where our PPC configuration will not give us a user friendly display.


Months ago Jeremy stated he was working on the display problem.


I can accept that Jeremy is busy with other things. If he hasn't got time to produce a solution then someone else has to be delegated to resolve the situation. Wherigo is a great concept. If it is going to work you cannot allow it to be available to a limited few.



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