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MRJIFFY's Summer Meltdown Coin Sale

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We found the MrJiffy's Summer Meltdown 2008 Geocoin (#47) in Mosquito Haven (GC1BYGV) in Tiffins Center, Ontario, Canada. And for Team Hebi, just in the "Nick of Time". Here is a picture of the Team members' standard Geocaching attire:




After finding the Summer Meltdown Coin, we were able to discover what Summer 2008 is about, and out of the blue, our standard attire melted to these summer duds.




Here's our coin which should be visiting somewhere in the Orillia, Ontario vicinity this weekend (July 5/6, 2008)




Coin # 47 placed in Last Vestige GC1DQ57 on Saturday, July 5th, 2008

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Well this has been really difficult I keep either failing to find reasonable size caches or they are micros that say they are small so I still have one of the coins. I am now gonna put in a new cache that is big enough - waiting for it to be approved. Sorry for the delay







Edited to say it has been Approved GC1DW87

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Thanks for making the Summer Meltdown part of your new cache!


Best Regards,




Jan and the Percey Boys, it looks like those boys would know how to have some summer fun. CONGRATULATIONS on the new cache. It's fun to see who gets the FTF.

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Picked up Mr Jiffy at the Lighthouse here in "America's Hometown" Hannibal, MO. Being the fourth of July and a nice hot day I took # 4 to the parade. What's summer without going to the greatest 4th of July parade anywhere.MrJiffysSummerMeltdownParade.jpgMrJiffyandKoolbrez.jpg

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I placed Coin #9 last week (2. July) in a cache, but couldn't post here earlier because I had no access to the forums during my holiday.


I placed the coin in a multi-stage cache which guided me through the town Cochem at the river Mosel. First I had to climb up a little but very steep mountain (with beautiful vineyards). From there I had a great view over the town and the river. Back to the valley I used a chair lift. Then I was guided through the old parts of the town with beautiful old houses and saw a lot of interesting places. At the end I had to climb another little mountain which led me to the Reichsburg, a beautiful castle on the top of a hill. The cache was located nearby in a forest.

This was a great cache as I learned a lot and saw lots of nice places there, and a few "secret attractions" that almost no tourist would find.


The view from the first little mountain:



The coin in front of the Reichsburg:



Me and the coin (a self-portrait as no tourist was on this side of the castle!)



A better view of the Reichsburg from near the cache:


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Found Coin #38


We were excited to read that one of the Summer Meltdown coins was in a cache near us. No fighting off muggles or wolves, no mountain climbing or desert hiking was required - just a hop into our golf cart and a thrill ride down the cart path at a hair raising 15mph.


This has to be one of the best occupationally related caches out there. Its behind the office of a urologist here in The Villages, FL, and the container, well, I guess even if you're not male, you can figure out what its for. Knowing that originality counts in this photo, we had a sudden flash of "Hey, Jim, you want to be the one in the picture? Posing with the cache?" Note: cache is a male urinal......... Nope, bad idea.


This photo is good for a chuckle, though. And thank you for a fun contest.0c120959-31ac-42e9-b024-0d88d5d8f20b.jpg

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OK, getting #35 and 36 started in Alaska, really wanted a T-Bone steak for dinner and thought Mr Jiffy could help thaw it out but it sure is taking a long time. Second pic is Mr. Jiffy Melting VERY VERY SLOWLY at 11PM in the Midnight Sun, at 50 degrees it may take all night. :(





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Found coin #38.

We decided to drive past a couple of our caches and saw some fellow cachers. Did a zippy u-turn to go back and visit for a few minutes. They told us of the meltdown coin they found, we thought that cointest sounded like fun. So we went home to get our geo-gear. By the time we were ready to go we forgot which cache they said they put it in. So, we went back down the road, luckily they were just coming out of another cache area, and we admitted we were old and forgetful and which cache was it again? Since we live nearby we invited them over for a cold ice tea later when they were done caching. On our way again, we found the coin! Summer Meltdown 2008 #38. Great design, and accurate depiction of the beastly hot Florida summer sun. Today we went to the square in downtown Ocala, naturally there are many businesses, great restaurants and fun specialty shops. The favorite landmark though, is the Hot Dog Lady stand. She is a favorite local spot for a fast and delicious lunch that can be enjoyed in the shady park. Two kinds of hot dogs, and 27 toppings!!! I told her of the cointest and that it started in Canada. She said she knew the Canada National anthem, then in front of her customers - belted out the song! Of course that started several stories of how each customer new the song, all very interesting. She graciously agreed to a photo. Of course we ordered a hot dog and sat in the park to eat, enjoying our adventure for the day.




Thank you for the summer fun!

Condoqueen and Leedr

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Found Coin #38




uhhh, Sal, as the owner of this cache and dropper of this coin, I'd like to offer you my thanks for moving this coin along so quickly...

I'd also like to offer you a ***FREE*** visit to my clinic for some obviously much needed instruction on the proper way hold such a geocache container :(:DB):)

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What super coins and a really generous cointest!!!! Awesome job, MRJIFFY!!!!! I've got my fingers crossed that one will make its way to SE Michigan! :)


Here's my dumb question for the day: is it possible to watch these coins to know when one comes to the area? If so, how? :(

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Coin #39


Saw this coin pop up in one of our caches so we had to get it. We had the convertable driving with the top down to the cache. As we drove to the west toward the darkening sky we realized our mistake of not bringing the other car with the geo umbrellas and geo rain jackets, and of course checking the radar would have been a good idea. Left the top up on the way home. Took the Summer Melt down coin #39 to downtown Ocala where a collection of painted horses live. The rose one is my favorite since I like to grow flowers. A series of the painted horses have been painted, starting in 2001 and live in several locations around town. 52 are completed. Some of the horses have been on tour around the country.





Thank you MrJiffy for the fun summer contest.

Condoqueen and Leedr

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Here's my dumb question for the day: is it possible to watch these coins to know when one comes to the area? If so, how? :(

If you go to the page of the coin, on the top of the right side you will find a link named "watch this listing" (just below the link "Found it? Log it!").

When you have put the coin(s) on your watchlist, you will get an email every time it is logged!

It is just the same as watching a cache.


Good luck!!! :)

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I managed to find Coin #7 Near Greenville, WI (Town of Center, WI) in the cache "Regular in the hills".


We placed the coin in an "Unknown" cache in Appleton, WI called Under Lock'n'Key | Whistle Blower. Before doing so, we snapped a couple of pictures along the Fox River near the cache.


From the cache page:

Part of the Lock'n'Key series, this set of caches is intended to bring about an awareness and appreciation for the For River Lock system, specifically Appleton Locks 1-4, which are currently undergoing an historic restoration. Once complete, these locks, along with 13 others in the Fox River lock system, will again allow navigation downriver from Lake Winnebago to Green Bay - not possible since 1982 when the locks were shut down.






It was nice to revisit this cache and place this prize in it for the next finder!


Thanks for the coin and the "cointest". I hope we win! :P



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Went caching on my lunch hour to pick up this coin. The whole time I was thinking about BBQing some ribs for supper. So, Mr. Jiffy's Summer Meltdown helped power the grill!


Award winning coin; award winning ribs. Nothing beats a good Summer BBQ.


Here are some pics of those ribs.


Thanks for putting this cointest together. Will drop this soon somewhere along the trail.



. . . before . . .





. . . after . . .





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Went caching on my lunch hour to pick up this coin. The whole time I was thinking about BBQing some ribs for supper. So, Mr. Jiffy's Summer Meltdown helped power the grill!


Award winning coin; award winning ribs. Nothing beats a good Summer BBQ.


Here are some pics of those ribs.


Thanks for putting this cointest together. Will drop this soon somewhere along the trail.



. . . before . . .





. . . after . . .






Dang! Those ribs sure do look good. Im hungry now...lol and I see you are using a very good bar b-que sauce too. That stuff and KC Masterpiece are the best....mmmmmmm Unless you can get some of that Quaker Steak and Lube bar b-que sauce. It is finger lickin good too

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. . . after . . .




Dang if you post the coordinates for those ribs, The rush will be on. Wait a minute, I'm just a little north of your location, if there's a good breeze, I might be able to smell them and track 'em down.


CONGRATULATIONS on your find and more especially on your first post on the forums.

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Glad to see the coins are making the rounds in various countries and people are having fun with them! This was my goal with running this cointest and it so far seems to be working. Just a few coins now left to be released as I think they might be held up in customs, but just about all of them are now travelling which is great.


I did the random number drawing yesterday night just before bed choosing a number between 81 and 111 for the Summer Meltdown coin prize for week#2, the winner was post #96 fingers crossed, congrats on your win, I will be sending you a MRJIFFY Summer Meltdown Misty Gold Prize only version coin ( only 30 minted, see post #85 for pictures), I also chose a second winner based on the great photos posted (it was not easy, there were many fun photos) and I chose strega13 in post #102. Anyone who puts on that many clothes in the hot weather deserves a little something extra, you will get a regular MRJIFFY Meltdown Coin in Black Nickel(90 minted). Both Canadian winners this week by coincidence so congratulations to you both. Email me your addresses and I will send your coin out to you ASAP.


Keep they great pictures and stories coming everyone, there will be lots more chances to win and everyone still has the opportunity to win the grand prize of 100 geocoins at the end of the Summer!


Best Regards,



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Thank you MrJiffy!


There once was a coin named Mr. Jiffy.

Who's summer Meltdown was spiffy.

I looked all around

He was not to be found.

& my limerick skills are just iffy.


Mr.Jiffy #27

The following is a true story. (Fabricated slightly for my enjoyment) None of the names have been changed to protect the innocent except mine.

Friday July 24th 2008 I went on a cache run for the elusive Mr.Jiffy after a two-hour drive and five-minute walk I am happy to report I now have Mr.Jiffy #27.





We then proceeded to pick up the evil twin Mr.Jiffy #26, however #26 was not to be found at the posted coordinants. But we were still happy campers and proceedee to get four caches while we were there.

We began the trek home Mr, Jiffy #27 loved the truck and rode in the passenger seat. (YES his seatbelt was fastened for thos of you concerned about his safety!) I was hummin and Mr.Jiffy began to sing….


“Ive met all my coins in Ammo Cans

There is something they love about a pick-up man.”


Oh back to the story sorry I digressed.

We were almost home when it happened … you know flashing lights in the rear view mirror, And No I was not speeding! (This time)

I waited patiently while the officer came up to the window, I reached over and hid Mr.Jiffy #27 in the palm of my hand.


Officer: shinning the light in my eyes “What are you doing?”

BrierPatch: “Ah, ah, ah sitting as you pulled me over”

Officer: “What is all this stuff in the fron of your truck?’

BrierPatch: “Oh a gps and maps as I was geocaching.”

Officer: “You were geowhating?”

BrierPatch: “I was using my Gpsr to find plastic containers in the woods.”

Officer: “Have you been drinking?”

BrierPatch: ”No sir.”

Officer: ”Please Step out of the vehicle.”

I stepped out of the truck but mister jiffy was so HOT I dropped him. Sorry, I tried to keep a good strong grip.


Officer: “What is that?”

BrierPatch: “Ahh, Ahh, ah coin?”

Officer: “Please step away from the coin!?


I stepped away and the Officer squated down keeping one eye on me and another eye on Mr.Jiffy #27. He reached and grabbed Mr.Jiffy and quickly released shaking his hand. (Oh yeah, Mr.Jiffy was too Hot to handle!) He picked Mr.Jiffy up by the scruff of his slip and walked back to the patrol car and immediately called in on the radio. After what seemed like forever but was actually fifteen minutes he returned without Mr.Jiffy and informed me that Mr.Jiffy was wanted and would need to go down to the police station and that I could follow. I did sadly.


What follows is sad and humitiating so if you are squimish or under the age of thirteen please put on some dark sunglasses and skip the next part. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Mr.Jiffy was printed and photographed and is being forced to spend tonight in Jail.


Will report more tomorrow When I know more…..


Mr.Jiffy #27







“It was about Ten o'clock in the morning, Late July, with the sun not shining and a look of hard wet rain in the clearness of the fields. I was wearing my powder-blue suit, with dark blue shirt, tie and display handkerchief, black brogues, black wool socks with dark blue clocks on them. I was neat, clean, shaved and sober, and I didn't care who knew it. I was everything the well-dressed Cacher ought to be. I was calling on police headquarters.”


I want everyone to know I got Mr.Jiffy the best Attorney, “Johnnie G.O. Coinchran” Attorney at Law. The attorney took this case pro-bono for publicity sake. The arraignment was held this morning I was ready? At this preliminary hearing Johnnie successfully argued that Mr.Jiffy would not be a flight risk and bail was set at 1 geocoin. I gladly forked over my newly acquired “Pocket Decoder” (its returnable? Right?) Well if not I can probably purchase another one, the Eway for about $140.00. After all there is only (1) Mr.Jiffy #27, for everything else there is Visa.


For all you legal eagles:

He is charged with Obstruction of Justice and Global Warming; although the warrant he was picked up for said “Cache Hustlin” I really don’t understand all this legal stuff, which is why I hired Johnnie.


So I am happy to report that Mr.Jiffy #27 is back in my sweaty little hands ready to head out for a good time. His trial begins on Monday July 27th so keep us in your thoughts and hope for the best!


Will Report more on Monday, when I know more.


Best regards BrierPatch


Mr.Jiffy #27


Out on Bail

Having been released this morning from spending the night in the slammer Mr.Jiffy wanted to have some fun so we traveled south to Elk Neck state Park for the Maryland GeoCaching Summer Picnic. We even got a few caches in.






They gave out awards for the best new cacher best hide etc...

BrierPatch did not win any awards Not even close.


Mr.Jiffy #27 won the Royal Crown award for "Best Dressed Coin"

Here is a picture of him accepting his award.




On our way home we stopped to see how Potato chips are made. Can you find Mr.Jiffy in the picture?




well it is nap-time Later


Mr Jiffy #27


Out on Bail Sunday


We went out and got an early start cachin in the sun our first stop was a bridge with a nano Mr Jiffy applied the heat to get it open.




After that we decided to do some covered bridges, we have a rule in PA "Every covered bridge must have a cache and it seems like every one has here is a pic of Mr. Jiffy and myself in front of the covered Bridge




We did three covered bridges today and then we took some hikes this afternoon Mr. Jiffy took a nap on Iffy.




That was it for today but tomorrow is another day.


Mr.Jiffy #27


Trial by Jury Report


Jury selection began this morning and I offered the three coins in my collection but the Judge was set against that and people were chosen for the jury, even against Johnnies argument of trial by peers.


The charge of “Obstruction of Justice” was thrown out in a side bar (It was determined that Mr. Jiffy made no attempt to obstruct anything but was just being his hot self) so all that is left is the charge of “Global Warming.”


I would post pictures but having reread the rules I have already disqualified myself and having seen the pictures I have already posted I am doing your eyes a favor, (You owe me.)


Arguments were brought forth from the CSI team showing the Earths temp being raise 1/8th degree by the Mr. Jiffy coins. Personally I don’t understand any of the scientific information. Johnnie made the point of the Global warming still being a theory but looking into the juries eyes they were not so convinced. Mr. Jiffy took the stand in his own defense and began to plead the fifth, However amidst the questioning a fire broke out on the witness stand so court is now adjourned for the morning while the firemen (in nice red trucks) put out the blaze. We are outside amidst the pillowing circles of non fragrant smoke.


I will post more this afternoon when it resumes however it does not look good for this Mr. Jiffy keep him in your thoughts and hope for the best.


Trial by Jury Report II


Well… The firemen did a great Job! They have the fire put out; however the remains of the local courthouse were not suitable for resuming the trial so the location was moved to the local fire house/wedding/banquet facility where the fire Marshal assures us that things will remain cool.


Mr. Jiffy was placed in a bucket of ice with an Intravenous (IV) of liquid Nitrogen to ensure that he is chilled. (He may even be shivering just a little).


The trial continued and I will not attempt to bore you with the details (No sleeping at the computer) But the case has been sent to the jury who were in deliberations for most of the afternoon, However for some reason they are dead locked and have been sequestered for the night at the “Honey Brook B&B” (Not Bed & Breakfast) best known county wide for bad food, poor service and lumpy beds, but it is the only place in town.


Johnnie said that the jury being locked and asking questions is a good thing, he told me he seen this in another case and his client got off with murder, not sure quite what he means.


I will post tomorrow when the jury is in and we know the fate of the beloved #27.


Mr. Jiffy #27


The Juries in Well Sort of….


Court reopened today at 8:00 am at the local fire hall, unfortunately five of the jurors could not attend but the Brandywine hospital said that they should be out of intensive care and into regular hospital rooms by Friday at the latest. On a positive note the jurors that had the boiled ham and beans are just fine. The Chester County health department has closed down the Honey Brook B&B and issued a health alert & warning to anyone who may have had the chicken corn chowder for dinner last night. Those who only had adult beverages are at no risk.


Due to the lack of a full jury and expenses occurred by the local township (They failed to insure the courthouse) The Judge has issued a mistrial and judgment that this case should never be retried in this township, and he stated that the defendant is free to (“Get out of town”) travel somewhere else!




Since Mr. Jiffy has been Released He is in a cache today.

I would like to thank you all for your prayers and support & patience during these tough four days, even those that sent me the “I hate you, your annoying mail”, ( I know I’m Prickly) I Love you too!


PS: I took Mr. Jiffy out to visit my Amish neighbors (They do not allow my pictures for religious reasons and not your general welfare). While there we had a slight accident with some road apples. I assure you I cleaned Mr. Jiffy off really well, and look forward to seeing pictures of #27 in your Ice cream or snow cone.


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Here are some of the coins found in the grand prize pool that have been collected so far. About 60 of them are from trade donations, and another 20 have been personally donated by me. Some more to still be added along with a full set of all the Summer Meltdown coin versions. 79 coins so far with some great LE and XLE coins as part of the grand prize pool. Sorry the pics are not the greatest, but it should give you a good idea of what is up for grabs!










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When I came back from Canada, this was one of the first things I had to do...

I was hoping the coin #8 would stay in the cache untill I had a chance to get there and retrieve it, and it did ;)

As you can see on the pic I was still tired from the jetlag... :rolleyes:





I will upload some more pics with the cache I will place the coin in and of the not that tired myself soon ;)

Thank you very much MrJiffy Too bad it did not work out with the trade...



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As I said, I would take some more pictures of #8, when I place it, and here the come :huh:

I placed it in my very first cache that I placed on my own. Thought this would be a deseving place for it. The name of the cache translated into English is: Sunburn at Giant´s Grave





Thank you so much Mr. Jiffy for the opportunity to take part in this cointest :huh:

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Having failed at conventional meltdown techniques, Cache_in_hand is forced to resort to more radical methods.






Moral of the story "When its this darned hot out, Theres no place like home"


Coin number 11 picked up from Alton coin exchange, now dropped off in Arch Cerberus

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Having failed at conventional meltdown techniques, Cache_in_hand is forced to resort to more radical methods.






Moral of the story "When its this darned hot out, Theres no place like home"


Coin number 11 picked up from Alton coin exchange, now dropped off in Arch Cerberus


That is too funny!


Hey, RedShoesGirl, check out those boots!

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Some of the pictures are coming through to me, but most are not. Can anyone tell me why? The ones not coming in are saying IPB image, but I will receive one picture and not some others on the same post.


NUTS, this cointest is great and killing me because I can't find anything about a coin being in MS yet. I'll keep looking. Thank you, mrjiffy, for the fun!!

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Some of the coins took a bit of a nudge to get the original droppers to get things going and some of them have been sitting in a cache waiting for someone to pick them up. Most seem to be moving within the 7 day time frame and now that all of them have been released or grabbed by the last coin droppers, there should be lots of coins travelling in the next couple of weeks.


I will be emailing geocachers if they keep the coin for more than two weeks as its not fair to other geocachers in the area waiting for the coins.


Best Regards,




Many of the coins have not even started moving. What's going on with them? I hope they have not been stolen.

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