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Future finds?


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Its been the 20th in much of the world for some hours now...... I grant you not Ontario but our Aussie friends have been living the 20th......so it isn't really "the future".


True enough... However, considering the cache and myself are in the same timezone, it's the future to me. :(


Prime Suspect: haha! Best movies ever!

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That does seam strange, I would think the system should prevent you from posting logs with future dates.


Right now on my computer screen it says 9:10am Friday 20th June 2008. I live in New Zealand. The 20th June is NOW, not the future. :(:D:D:(


The "system" has only recently been fixed so that those of us in the first half of the world to see the new day actually CAN log our cache finds on the correct day. It's really rather helpful, and would be quite annoying if it was changed back again.


It is quite normal for me to look down a page of caches and see that alot of them have been found "-1 day ago", because that date is now/today for us in New Zealand, but still hasn't happened in America.



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