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COINTEST: Hold your breath...

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How long can you hold your breath posts? I often wonder about some people. It almost seems like they can hold their breath longer than their posts. So let's see who can hold out the longest. Coin will be of my choosing. Cointest ends when we have a winner. If the thread is closed early then the cointest is null and void and said coin will be donated to GCF. Everything must be within the guidelines and try to use common sense as well. It's not that hard and only hurts the first time.


OK time to start. Who can hold out posting the longest? If you post here, you are out. If you post in another thread, you are out. If you post elsewhere on GC, you are out. Last person to post after the time this OP is posted wins.


Winner can contact me by posting to this thread. No PMs please.


OK so let's begin...




...Game on.

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Are people who never posted at all qualified. Or just the ones who posted at least once then didn't post?

Only people who have posted in the geocoin forums are eligible for this cointest. Socks are not allowed and will be prosectuted to the fullest extent of the law.


You sir have been eliminated.

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