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COINTEST: Why do *you* deserve a free coin?


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*Oh, Lord it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in every way" is playing quietly in the background.


I deserve a free coin because I've been challenged to a duel to try and ween me off these forums. The challenge states that I occupy these forums for only 15 minutes a day ( :P ) and so far I am failing miserably! A free coin would sure make me feel better about myself and help me self-justify my status as a "forum junkie."

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I am an immigrant from Russia who is really close to getting his US citizenship. However, yesterday, when I was about to sign my certificate of citizenship, the worker began to ask me about myself. When I mentioned I was a geocacher, she put away the certificate which I had already signed at least 10 times, and took out a new one which she mentioned was especially for geocachers. As she looked it over, she asked me when my last cointest win was. I told her it was the feather cointest, but apparently they do not count cointests with more than 5 winners. The last one I won that matched the criteria was probably a month ago or more! She then told me that if I do not win one within a week from then, my citizenship will be permanently denied, and I risk being deported. And how often do people in Russia ever win cointests?

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I deserve it because...I need an anniversary present! A week from today is my 10th Anniversary! Yay! Spooky 2 and I will have been married for 10 years on the 26th of June. After four kids, several moves and many time consuming hobbies, we are more in love with each other than ever.

We're dropping the kids off at Grandma's, packing our towels and leaving tomorrow for an 8 day driving tour of New England (Caching along the way as much as she'll let me!) and ending up with a few days in DC. So I won't be back to the forums for about 2 weeks. See you all then!

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Because I have to wade through this crap to find any real discussions about GeoCoins.


Wasn't there a woe is me, life stinks post a few of months ago? One that resulted in the OP being on the receiving end of NUMEROUS "Get Well Soon" Gifts! :P


I sent some coins but knew up front that it was to be donations for an event. Sometime (like this thread) you need to read between the lines..

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How about I tell everybody why I don't deserve a free coin instead?


Because about a year and a half ago, I had this kinda cool idea that I would make a very special and limited version of my personal coin, and sent it out as a gift to people who did nice things for others.


I didn't believe in selling my own coin for a profit, so I asked the recipients to please not sell it as well. No signed contract in blood or anything, just a kind of handshake goodwill gesture that isn't all that unreasonable considering that it's just a coin, and the piddly amount of profit you could raise off of it really couldn't go very far to solve any of life's problems anyway.


So, 100% of the people I sent these coins to were appreciative. That made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I like feeling warm and fuzzy inside sometimes because it really helps to balance out the violent rage I experience when some 20-something rink-rat punk slashes my ankle, and I feel compelled to cross-check him into his own goalie.


So anyways, a few days later, one of the recipients posted that they'd really like to get the "publicly known" version of my coin. That also made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, because it's really flattering and humbling when someone enjoys what you do.


A few weeks went by, and that person continued posting innocently...yet frequently...about how much they wanted my coin. Then I started getting e-mails from other forum folks asking if I'd please be so kind as to send that person a coin because they were so nice, and they really deserved one, and they would also feel warm and fuzzy inside.


The problem was that person didn't seem to wish to tell anyone that they already had one of my coins, which perhaps could have changed a few people's opinions, dontcha think?


And so it evolved into one of the most maddening and bizarre dilemmas I think I've experienced since I got whacked over the head with a golf club at an after-prom party in '87. At one point, I was receiving a few of these e-mails a day, from seemingly very nice people, but I just couldn't respond to all of them. Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm not always the quickest to respond to e-mails because life gets in the way of geo-anything. So, the e-mails start piling up, and when I get around to reading them, some folks started to get frustrated that I hadn't responded, and some actually got rude about my apparent "lack of caring".


At this point, I've become very frustrated with this situation, because the person's still posting that their "heart's desire" is one of my coins, and here I am still getting hit with requests and saltiness on their behalf.


So I finally spoke up about my special edition coin and explained that this person already had one of my coins, and that although I thought their constant posting was flattering, it was essentially misleading to people, and that it was generating a surge of support/sympathy that was turning ugly behind the scenes.


Well then that person said they were publicly embarrassed, and pledged (dramatically, in the forums) that they would no longer "desire" one of my coins. In fact, they also said (in the forums) that they didn't want the one they had anymore since they were so upset by the situation. Many of those same supporters then blamed me for making this person so upset! Some months later, they were apparently still so upset by this, they didn't wish to even see that coin any longer... so they put it on eBay. How vengeful a thing to do by such a nice person. Oh, and then to take the cake...that person's new group of sympathizers also starts putting my coins on eBay in some sort of cliquey protest. First vengeful, then immature.


And here I am, the one being labeled as a meanie.


And why?

Because I made coins and gave them away?

Because I asked that they not be sold?

Because I defended myself from hate mail?

Because I actually tried to do something nice for a few people?

Because one person's personal problems spilled over onto the forums and I apparently wasn't sympathetic enough to send them a free coin...even though I already had...


God forbid someone tries to do something special out of their own pockets to bring a smile to a few faces...and they have the audacity to ask that you just keep the silly coin and smile quietly to yourself knowing somebody appreciated you and thought you were nice.


Nah, I don't deserve a free coin because I'm just that horrible of a meanie. In fact, I'm such a non-appreciative meanie that I'll just turn around and put that gift on eBay so that I can make a few bucks to pay for a new hockey stick...because I broke the old one over some punk's helmet.




Sorry to here it Yime. This really helps me understand some things now....

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Well, Trillian read all the replies and we have elected to award a geocoin to TWO winners! :P


Here's the winners she chose and why...


OwlCacher - What a touching story. I could really feel the plight this person was going through, coming this close to being kicked out of this great country if they didn't win a cointest. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, indeed...you've just won!


Pushing Tin - Being a migraine sufferer herself, Trillian empathizes greatly and hopes the geocoin helps her feel better.


To the two winners...please email me through my profile with your mailing address and I will send your prizes out as soon as I can.


The stories we read were at once touching, silly, strange and just plain odd. Some of them really made us chuckle, especially YemonYime's tall tale. That was some bit of truth-stretching, man! A bit wordy, but a good whopper nonetheless. Cheesy Pig's Post was great, too, in its use of the outright lie...much talent was in that one. I could go on and on...you get my point.


Thank you to everyone who participated!



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