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Show us your Photoshop Chops (cache pics that is)!

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Hi all!


I occasionally enjoy creating a fun Photoshopped pic for a cache I particularly enjoyed. It is especially fun to do it when the cache has some kind of theme. I'm creating this thread as a place for people to post their fun photoshop chops that have made their way onto cache logs or cache pages.


Here are a few of mine:



"Yep ... this must be the one I'm looking for"

Posted for THIS CACHE



"The Hint"

Posted as a hint for THIS PUZZLE CACHE OF MINE



" It's always nice to run into other geocachers!"




"The truth comes out."

Posted as a tongue-in-cheek note in my CHECK & MATE! PUZZLE CACHE



"Scary. Really scary."

Me poking fun at one of our local FTF hounds. This was after the FTF on Check & Mate! (three months after it was published). Will he stop at NOTHING TO SIGN THE LOG???



"Sing it again, Jim!"

A tongue-in-cheek posted note for my puzzle cache BACK HOME AGAIN IN INDIANA. Jim Nabors traditionally sing's "Back Home Again in Indiana" before the Indy 500 (for those who don't get the reference).


Finally ... one of my favorites.


This is a part the cache page image for my puzzle cache Cache Bot™.

(Notice that it's the same background as the Nazgul pic above.) :D


Looking forward to seeing other cacher's submissions! To keep this thread on topic, please limit your chops to those you've posted in logs or on cache pages. Thanks!





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Here's a quick photochop job I did for one of my caches. I expressed annoyance at people calling my current hometown "Stark Vegas", so what did they do, they just started using the term more often to bug me :( . When our city put up some tacky welcome signs, I hid this cache in tribute to the name I love to hate. Apparently everybody else thought the sign was tacky, too, because the city recently tore it down and is rebuilding it.



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One of the original and one of my most favorite cachers who would stretch a photo to two is Zartimus. He caches in a Batman suit for real. No shopping of photos needed in his profile If you see him in the Batman suit, that is him for real. I do, however, question his methods for getting to some of the harder to reach caches...




Somehow, I am guessing that he might have toasted his Batboots a bit getting to that cache. Maybe he should not have eaten that extra 27 cans of pork and beans for lunch before going for that cache.


Still, my *most favorite* photo of all time is this one from November of 2003.


Obligatory Trundling Pic!

A tradition!


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I love doing this kind of stuff. :ninja:


I posted this one the other day. It's my most recent:


That was a fun cache.


I found this one out at GeoWoodstock VI:



This was taken on a very cold day of caching:



That's actually the cache container I'm holding. A very cool puzzle cache:



I did a whole series of these for my log on this cache



I did this after some of us walked to a 5-star terrain cache:



And I did this one for koneko to explain how she got to a very difficult cache:



I also have several pictures from some "paranormal" caches that have been...ummm...fixed. :D It's a lot of fun and I get a lot of great emails from people who enjoy them. :P

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Found Everyone's A Little Goofy TB in Key West and didn't realize until we were back to the hotel that his head was missing... so I doctored some pictures of him getting an addaheadtome -add-a-head-to-me (with Mickey as the doc and that's really the headless TB, photo shopped, we didn't have an small operating table and a Mickey doll) :




And then we were looking for doners so added this potential donor image :



We thought it was pretty cute. We ended up replacing the headless Goofy with a new one and moved him along. We still have the headless Goofy we've been tempted to make into a new TB :unsure:

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Good stuff! You'd probably enjoy these old photoshop threads. They're not posted to logs, but still fun. Someone ought to revive those contests...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Some of mine from those threads:






(can't find the thread for that last one. Sure did see some interesting old topics though!)

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I sometimes enjoy making up Photoshopped pictures to post to a cache, more than actually finding the cache! Well, not really, but it IS fun.


Here are a few I made to go on a cache we put out for some good friends of ours,

Papermanone & Catlover: A Tribute.



Anyone care to join our friends in doing the "Chicken Dance" while wading IN the pool in front of the Taj Mahal?




Kind of gives new meaning to the "Earth Cache!"




And everyone should get a few minutes in the limelight.




Another local geocacher put out a whole series of 101 Dalmatian Puppies, each one "representing" a local geocacher. Naturally, I had to be a little different and just ran with the NAME, found a famous person, put a 60CSx in their hand and made up some stupid story about how they never left home without their trusty Garmin.






Kathy Ireland was always one of my favorites, and (even if I'm showing my age,) I still enjoyed putting a GPS in her hand... (Twice!)



Here's the log I posted to the pupply named "Dale..."


Dale Earnhardt was a NASCAR racing legend. I still don't understand why he was considered so great. Even with his Garmin 60CSx loaded with the latest map set, AND with full auto-routing capabilities, he never could find his way directly to the FINISH line! He always seemed to be "lost," and kept driving around in circles, trying to find it! Sometimes he'd drive around for HOURS, and up to 500 TIMES before he"d finally find it! Sheesh! Maybe he never read the 60CSx instruction manual!






And for "Dennis..."






For Edward, I used a picture of Edward G. Robinson. In the original, he was actually holding a "candlestick" telephone...






For Spyder,






For "Cassie," I was at a loss. Guess I'd just have to make something up, so I logged:


Cassi-opeia is a constellation in the northern sky, which if lined up properly, two stars will point to the navigational constellation, "Garmin." Using these two stars from Cassi-opeia to locate, Garmin" was one of the most primative forms of navigation. Once the constellation, "Garmin" is located, all navigation from that point becomes, "So easy, even a caveman could do it."




I really enjoy Photoshop. I just hope that someday I'll get GOOD with it! :blink:



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This one is from our 900th cache find:


(I forgot to bring the camera on a night caching run for the photo - so I made one)


Here is one where the Cache was renamed for the FTFers (SuperFly, gvsu4msu, and The Conman) - Thus it is now known as Abracadabra - Super GVSU Man



Here are some logos we created before the whole "commercial content" thing got heated up a few months back:








Here is a special label we made for our special caches known as "LEEocaches".




Enjoy - and thanks for the thread.

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Oh yeah... avatar pics...


edb415e0-102e-419d-a156-33891e2bb5c2.jpg1574a389-33be-4183-b1b0-a1dd9dd7f4bb.jpgc55e767e-8a1c-4e4c-bdb2-c81c281ddf4d.jpg5fc71f39-d8ac-4021-a754-4fd6e6e80243.jpg (JC now loves hamsters.)

4th of July, Christmas, Veterans Day, Hamster Snack


d9b36526-cce0-49b8-a0d5-593af72516b1.jpgc7c21d71-2f28-4016-bd5a-2a32ee99868b.jpg9ee37d7e-2376-4eb6-ab86-d6a64cfe8f4a.jpg73dcbdbf-901f-456a-87d2-c7669c231a06.jpg (before we realized Vick is a jerk.)

Moon Landing, Christmas, Valentines, Super Bowl

(The Valentines photo is the actual original puppymonster picture.)


And back when the puppymonster was on the campaign trail back in 2004...


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