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Cache Sizes and Circular Walks

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Normally when setting a cache, I'd try and pop the largest cache size possible at every location. I think that's the general rule, and hide a micro only if you must, unless it's something clever.


However, if I was setting a circular walk of say five miles and ten caches, would people feel aggrieved to find 9 micros and 1 large finale?

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personally no. For me that would be about the walk, the scenery etc.


Again personally, given the quality of swaps in caches I really don't mind micros over larger ones.


However, if the walk is suitable for kids then a well stocked final cache would make a nice prize for them for completing the walk!

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I would not be keen, though it would not necessarily put me off. You can usually find room for a small, and even if it's a very small small, it's always more fun than finding a micro. There's room for a geocoin or two, and the clue 'in the ivy covered tree' does not bring so many screams of rage and terror :(

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I've just done one this week and it was very enjoyable, the puplishing of the individual caches was spread out over a couple of days which meant different people got to ftf, I completed all 9, one of them as a FTF :(, a couple of the boxes were just big enough to sqeeze in a tb or coin but most of them were micro's. Unfortunately the cache setter got 2 of the co-ords the wrong way round so I was unable to find the final, but I have the co-ords now so will go back next time I'm in that area :D

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Funnily enough I'm in the process of putting out a circular walk of caches. I only had a couple of good size caches in my stock, and had originally planned on using quite a few micros. However, I've just (today) bought a load more small tubs so that I can keep micros to a minimum.


Personally, I'd prefer to see "proper" caches rather than micros on a countryside walk, but it can get very expensive to put out 10 or more lock n lock boxes full of goodies etc, so perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on people who put micros out for large walks. I'd do it for the walk and micros (it is about the numbers after all!)

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I would prefer a mixture. Circular walks can easily invovle the family/friends and would make it more interesting having different types of caches. Taking my girls on a "Treasure Hunt", as they say it, will not be interesting for them. But nothing too complicated to distract them from the walk though.

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Nine easy micros and one large final sounds about right for my purposes, so it gets my vote.


When I'm on a walk of a few miles, I prefer to just stop for a couple of minutes for a quick search, noting whatever the cache description points out, then signing the log. Rather than having to root around in damp shrubbery, rotten logs and nettles for twenty minutes (then grub around for the log book inside a packed container). One of these every 10 caches is OK though.


Using micros, it's easier to find hiding places that are convenient for the path, so I much prefer them in these cicumstances (even if you could actually hide a large box in the nettle patch twenty yards off the route!).


If you can hide the micros off the ground, somewhere clean and dry, so much the better. And don't use 35mm film containers... :(

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I would do them, we like walking and caching is a bonus, we mainly see caching as a way of going places we would not otherwise know about and that in itself is often interesting enough for us. My kids both enjoy hunting micros and big boxes, so a trail of micros leading to a large box seems great.

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I've done the two series set by a mystery cacher, mentioned above my Lotho - they were micros, but the fact that they were circular walks in absolutely fabulous places, meant we weren't too bothered. We knew in advance so were pre-loaded with treats for the children. I think its nice to put out a mixture, a bit like our Philosopher's Stone series (now adopted) in the Cotswolds. It doesn't cost a lot more, and there's not a lot more effort involved. It's more fun for everyone if there are a few surprises along the way - innovative use of unusual items as caches, some clever engineering, may be something funny in the box which pops out when you open it, or it could make a funny noise when you take the lid off, etc etc. :(

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Well this set of caches seems popular near us, though the landscape out here lends itself to something like this...

S1 to S18


A clever idea, I guess it could be done in UK. :(


I've not done them yet, they are all micro, but the logs indicate a mix of container styles and/or hiding places.

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Maybe I am still green to this Caching thing BUT.... B)


Personaly I made my first Cache what I enjoy doing a 3 mile 4 stage multi. I thought about making it a series of smaller Caches, but then I like setting of on a walk and not knowing where it will take me! :P


A good one should be circular and have an estimated distance or time... They can also pass any existing Trads as a bonus... Not that I am fussy! :D


Circular walks with multiple caches strike me as being about the numbers (not nessaserily a bad thing :) ) as being about the caches.


Next week I will have to take one of my Geohounds to the vet a specialist no less :D (thank goodness he is insured :D )...


While waiting most of the day for him I have a choice of 10 geocaches in a circular walk (good for the numbers) or 4-6 random caches in and around a local town in nearly a circle depending on what happens with the Multi's.


I think I will do the random ones although bad for numbers they are the Caches I enjoy... :)


Certainly what I realy find frustrating is turning up at a Cache site and thinking, you could have hidden something bigger :D or even worse, what was the point in that! B)


To me Caches need to mean something to some one, a good view, a little history, a nice walk, a difficulty hide, a tough puzzle, a stupidly large box hidden in an area full of muggles, a broken frog on a front door step (it is out there! :D ) just please NOT "this makes an easy Cache and grab" :P that does not make a good cache...


Although having said that.... :ninja: If there are any Wirral (Prenton Area) Based Cachers who would keep an eye on a Cache for me. I have hidden one that Deceangi quite rightly (with hind sight) questioned (The danger of Geo Litter), it is 194 miles from my home base but I do go that way regularly ish :D ...


Please drop me a line! It could be discribed as a Cache and Grab :D but it means something to me! If not I will retrieve in the next week or so :P

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Nope, they should all be ammo cans :P:P:D:D


But seriously, although I don't have a problem with micros and would most certainly do the caches, it is always nicer to see something bigger :ninja::P . This is particularly relevant when away from an urban environment as it can become a pain searching for another micro hidden in the woods. We have just set a ring of 12 (to be released on Sunday) which consists of two regular, one at the start and the other at the end as a bonus. The remainder are all smalls. I didn't find this to be too big a chore as I just piled them all into my backpack, and as the walk progressed the backpack got lighter :) , which was nice. At the end we felt a bit of a sense of achievement by not placing any micros, although at times it was tempting when we struggled to find a suitable spot for a small.

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The problem with micro's is that the log books need replacing regularly, either because they are full or because they have become waterlogged. They are also more likely to go missing.


The smallest boxes are fine, you don't need any swaps with them, but there is still room for a small TB or a coin.


I love the idea of a walk though with plenty of caches enroute, instead of having to get back in the car all the time! :P

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A mix of sizes and hides is always going to be more interesting than 10 35mm pots (and probably last longer!).


I think another general issue is how many caches on one walk? If it's too many it actually detracts from the walk! You're so busy dealing with the GPS and clues and hunting in ivy that you lose any rhythm and actually miss some of the scenery! It becomes constant stop-start with little time to chat or enjoy the place around you. Most people can cope with following a route without constant caches to lead them by the GPS around every bend and junction. So putting caches at good places to stop and admire the view or something makes sense and fits with the natural pace of the walk. Even in a circular walk series, each cache should have a good reason for its existence. Just being far enough from the last one isn't a good reason! :P:ninja::D

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Well this set of caches seems popular near us, though the landscape out here lends itself to something like this...

S1 to S18


A clever idea, I guess it could be done in UK. :anicute:


I've not done them yet, they are all micro, but the logs indicate a mix of container styles and/or hiding places.


Finally did these this morning. A nice zigzag circular walk. 18 screw top Micros hidden under rocks or in dead cactus, took about 2.5 hours and covered 3.3 miles. So that seems a high number of caches, but it is a bit hot out here (over 100F) :)

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We love doing the countryside trails and circular walks, it really doesn't make any difference to me if they are micro's or smalls, for me its the location and enjoying walking a few miles as opposed to getting in and out the car continously for caches placed along roadsides etc.


I have just done my first 8 cache multi along a 4 mile circular walk , 6 are micro's , 1 small (half way round) and 1 small for the bonus. Hopefully the best of both worlds a mixture of the two !!

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