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:D I want to hear story's over dnf. :)




Rules cointest.

The story may go over caches, geocoins.

Cointest end friday 11.30 Netherlands time. [24 hour]

You can win 1 nerdv2.

I hope to hear sad story's with a flavor of humor.

Only Geocaching pictures allowed.

Please no discussion and have respect for animals and people.

Please post every 15 minutes




My Dnf Story


Tuesday evening there came a brand new cache on line.[mysteriecache]

I was in the neighbourhood so i went alone with the right coordinates to seek the cache.[wednesmorning]

It was nearby a office so i looked around and after a while i leave because i became the animal in the zoo.[everybody looked at me]

But in the eveinng i say to mr Geo.Error come, i am curious we we are going seek the cache, nobody is in office now.

When we arrived there was already a cache couple looking for the cache, so we seek together, we find a lot of stuff but not the cache.

I most tell you, the cache was found by a cacher. [ftf]

We were seeking a hour long and no we did not see the cache.

So we give up, there was already 3 dnf logs on internet, so we give up.

We were nearly by the car our a other cacher show up.

Shall he find the cache, so we went back hoping he was more clever as us.[ curious]

We seek again for a hour hoping to find the cache but no, nothing found.

We had a lot of fun meeting other cachers is always fun, but we did not find the cache.

So we really went home.

We read at the internet there were more dnf and that the cacher who has found the cache went back to look if the cache still was there and quess, he was still there and don't laugh we have the right coordinates but we can not find the cache.

I think we all have sand in our eyes.

I am so curious , i will go back and seek the cache, this story has not end yet.


:) Succes with this cointest, looking forward to read your story's :D

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Not much of a story but it is one of my DNFs.


Logging another DNF today. Don't know why I even tried to find this one again. Pretty much felt defeated before I left the comfort of the truck. Gave it another once over again and gave up. NTYFTC. (not thanking you for the cache.)

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For me it was 3 attempts at the same cache after a 20 mile drive each time. I hadn't been caching very long and this was a 2 parter.


I needed to project the waypoints for the second half. I had done it before so thought I knew what I was doing but this one had a twist I kept missing. I always ended up in a residential area in someones back yard. I even asked the home owner if I was in the right location. Of course I wasn't.


Finally a map, pencil, paper and a compass sent me in the complete opposite direct I had been searching. Then one night it dawned on me what to do and I figured it out. I drove that 20 miles in the rain and walked right to the site. However the hiding spot had been destroyed and all the firewood it was hiding in thrown over the hill. I didn't see the cache but did confirm that I was in the right area. It took another 3 weeks before I was able to clear all those DNFs.

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Do you ever have one of those days I had a couple of travelling coins that I had agreed to place for a forum user :D


We had been to the beach and I was tired but said to the wife that I was gonna stop to place these coins. When I parked within 200 yards of the cache I got out the GPS and found I had put the co-ords in wrong – I was 28 miles out!!! :D


I knew where the village well was so thought I’d go and give it a try without the GPS – The clue said behind a tree – how hard could it be!!!! :(


Well the well is surrounded on three sides by a steep slippery bank covered in trees!!!


An Englishman never gives up so off I start, gradually getting higher up the bank. When I was 20 or so feet up I lose it and next thing I know I am on my way to the bottom with no control!!!!! :D


I end up in a heap badly sprained/broken fingers, muddy Jeans and no cache. All I can say I felt a right nerd hobbling back to the car.


Next day after much nagging I end up at the doctor who says “have you been hunting them box thingies again” and “It’ll probably take 6 months to heal”


Well it has been 3 weeks and I still cannot bend 2 of the fingers or get my wedding ring on! And no I didn’t record a DNF it was too painful to type!!!!! :(



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Here is my legendary DNF story from Net's Clues when I first started caching:


January 9, 2005 by BisonWoman (1005 found)

Well, where to start about this "adventure." BisonGirl and I found the first two clues without much problem, but in going to the third one, I couldn't decide which way to go. So, before I continue, if I had stayed on the established trail, would I have gotten to it?

I got off trail, and even with the GPS, in the city limits of Florence, with the sun going down, within hearing of cars, I decided we were too far in and I was too directionally impaired to get out without help. If you heard sirens this afternoon, that was for us. But guess what. . .my wonderful husband found us first! If I had done what I thought to get back to my car--make a straight line--we would have gotten out fine. However, with a 6-year-old in tow, I decided to do what the books say and stay put and call for help. I never did see the official help, but the ladies I talked to at 911 were great. I'm just glad my hero saved the day and us!


I'll attempt this one again on another day, without BisonGirl!


January 15, 2005 by BisonWoman (1005 found)

I went back to complete this fiasco and took BisonBuck with me, and although the GPS said we were right where clue #3 was supposed to be, neither of us could find it. At first I thought it was the cache site, and after re-reading the clue, I was surprised we couldn't find the third clue since BisonGirl and I found the first two. Are you SURE it's still there????? We poked and prodded everywhere! (This should say 2nd clue.)


January 16, 2005 by BisonWoman (1005 found)

dnf,dnF, dNF, DNF!!!!!! And it was cold today!!!!


January 18, 2005 by BisonWoman (1005 found)

DNF again! And this was at 7:45 this morning! Brrr at 20 degrees! I WILL find this eventually!!!!


January 20, 2005 by BisonWoman (1005 found)

I finally found it!!!!!!! It only took 5 trips and looking since Jan. 9th, but hey, thanks to Redneckgal's help I found this cache! I went yesterday and finally found the third clue. My problem there was in my interpretation of "base" as in "the base of the tree." I was looking at the root area, not the "base" which was the base when the tree was upright. I then tried, yesterday, to find the cache, but it was too late to make it there. After finding it today, I'm sure I was not going in exactly the right direction, or at the least was going the loooooong way yesterday.

Today, I got started at about 3:30, and I guess it took me an hour to get in, find it, and get out again. I thought I was going to come up empty handed again today. I was just about ready to throw in the towel when I decided to pull the cache sheet out and read the decrypted clue again. Duh. I was looking around the fallen trees. Not what the clue says. Once I read it correctly, I walked straight to the cache. I can't tell you how happy I was, and am, to have finally found this one.


I left a Light For My Path book because you need a light to guide you there. I also left an October 1960 Scenic South magazine (yes, that date is correct.) I took Redneckgal's cow bag. I think that pooping cow is the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.

So, the adventures of BisonWoman, BisonGirl, and BisonBuck are over. I will let BisonGirl practice with the GPS to the cache and let her plunder the loot. However, it will be a week or two since my thigh muscles are screaming at me for the cross-country abuse I've put them through.


To the four of you watching this cache, I hope you've enjoyed this fiasco, and maybe I'm getting enough better to join the local caching crew.


Thanks for the fun and the help.

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Oh!!! I do not have a lot of stories of caches I didn't find, just because I only found 17 -18 caches!

In most of them, I didn't log the DNF!


Well here we go!


I was trying to find all the caches in my island! I had a succses, but I found it difficult to find one! I tried with the hints but nothing! We went to the place and started searching! Unfortunatelly we were searching in the wrong place! They all looked the same there, so....:D


I really wanted to find this one because only 1 had found it! I would be the second, so it was going to be a good start, and an almost FTF! :D


The place was quite rocky, and we went there after a heavy rain! while I was searching, the rock I was standing fell and I went with it! I fell in some rocks and ended with the face in a bush with thorns! Thank God I was lucky with that and didn't have serious injuries! Of course I had cuts in my hands, my legs, my head.... some thorns in my face and in my hands... my right shoe had a hole... Even like that, I kept searching! I climped almost all the mountain, but I couldn't find the cache!!!


I loged this DNF! The cache owners, posted extra hint and wrote that they were sorry for what happent to me!


This didn't stop me to keep geocaching! I went there a second time, after some weeks! When I get of the car, It started rainning!!!!! I left without even look!


I left this cache for last! Of course, some othr geocachers, had found it! This time, it was an easy find! The first time I was in the wrong place!!! I loged but I was the 4rth! Well...at least I found it! :(

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A new cache was placed here in Rhodes! It is very far from my home, at the end of the island! I was hoping for the FTF, just because it will be difficult to have chances like that here in Rhodes! I was so happy about it! Unfortunatelly I didn't count destine and luck! :D


Since we can only go geocaching on sundays, and now during Summer it is almost impossible to go geocaching, we wanted to find this cache the soonest possible! Well...until now, we have not visited this place!!! :D


2 geocachers already found the cache!!! Bad luck! My brother in law car broke down and had to fix something, we had some workers in my sister's house (she is prepairing her wedding with my brother in law), then we had my aunt & uncle visiting Rhodes for doctors and were staying in our house.... so...we missed a good chance for our first FTF! :(

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Last year there was also a geocoin race in the Netherlands, we want to go to a event in a other provincie, so i looked by caches if i could help a coin a stap further.


I saw a racecoin [ reintje de vos geocoin] in a cache we did not had do already so a day before the event we walk the multi and find the cache.


But....The bad news was the coin was taken, we maked a picture from the logbook and contacted the coinowner.


It makes me always sad when a coin is gone....


But i hear later that the coin was taken by new-cachers and they had not a clue to log the coin, so after 2 months the coin was in the dutch geocoinrace again.


I love to hear story's about coins who have find there way to the geocaching world again.

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Oh, I can tell you a story about a very bad caching day last week! I had 4 caches on my list for that day. Cache one was a litlle multi-cache that I had a DNF a few weeks ago which was a little bit strange because I found the first stage with the coords for the cache and at that place I found a film canister which was fixed to ivy. But inside there was no logbook, only dirt :D After contacting the owner I found out that this of course wasn't the cache, the cache was somewhere else a few meters off the coords :D


So I tried my luck here again, but couldn't find it. I searched for about half an hour and found some interesting things, but no cache. I guess I will give up this one... I am still not sure if I am not able to find it or if it is gone.


Next cache on my list was an easy one, but magnetic and hanging very high. I had brought along a tool to help me reach the cache. But when I arrived at the cache location I found that the cache was gone :( That was DNF number two on that day...


Cache number 3 was just around the corner. I searched and searchend... looked for the hint, didn't understand the hint, searched, searched.... couldn't find it, the arrow on my GPS was pointing here, then there, then back here... too many possibilities for a magnetic film canister.


So I decided to go for cache number 4, which luckily was an easy find :(


I returned to cache number 3 and searched for another 15 minutes before I gave up.


3 DNFs out of 4 that day... that was really frustrating... :D

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I'm not sure how to make a clickable link so those interested in reading DNF logs from many cachers will have to copy and paste.


This first set of DNF logs is from a cache I hid that 50+ DNF's were logged before a find was made.




These next few caches are spawns of that hide that have been duplicated by others after giving them info on the hide. Only the caches that have finds on them are listed. There are others that I know about that have many DNF's but I am not posting them, as I don't want them compremised.






Lots of good DNF reading! :(

I'll post my own personal DNF story shortly...

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Kind of a funny newbie story.


I got my GPS only a few weeks ago. Although it was one more intended for vehicle navigation, I figured I could use it for some caching as well. I logged on to GC and ran a search to see what was nearby - and surprise surprise - there wqas one right across the street from me!


So I printed out the cache description and studied it thoroughly. Geobuddy (my 6 year old) and I set out to claim our first!


Not knowing anything about geocaching, and not knowing a few of the tricks that my GPS could do (like the sat screen that gave actual lat & long), I went to where the waypoint showed. Walked around searching. The hint seemed pretty clear, but no sign of the cache. Expanded out the search to the entire grounds, and spent a good 2+ hours looking. No luck.


We went back home, defeated, and I started studying more. That hint seemed pretty darned obvious - but that cache just wasn't there! Later, the whole family went back with me, and we searched and searched - another hour or so, and no luck.


I swear this cache began haunting me. The next day there was a log - someone logged it the same day we were looking for it and called it a pretty easy find! Now I was focused - I was going to find this darned thing!


Well - 3 more trips over the next week, and still no luck. By this time I had learned more of what my GPS could do, and had some other finds under my belt. But still couldn't find this one.


It was on my 6th or 7th try that I finally found it - right where I knew it was to begin with! When I finally found it, I don't think I've ever been so satisfied with a micro find and trying to sign that litlte tiny logbook!

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I already have your nerd, so I am not playing for the coin, but I have some funny DNF stories to share.


This is not my own DNF, but a DNF logged on one of my caches. :(


January 26, 2007 by Thea101 (227 found)

[Myself and Nadiasmirnoff have stopped by the first stage twice and spent a good amount of time looking for the fist micro...to no avail...had a pretty good idea of the general area that it would be in...but found nothing...I did find a small piece of black duck tape]...near one of the bushes in the gazebo which I thought my be an indication that the micro was gone...[anyway, I would love to finish this cache and will try again when it is not -25 outside...hopefully my next log will be a happy smiley face - Thea101]

[view this log on a separate page]


February 9, 2007 by Thea101 (227 found)

[i have been visiting stage one of this cache every two weeks for about 2 months...this stage has been driving me crazy...when I read the note from the cache owner that the fist stage was still there, I made my usual two week trip in the frigid friday weather and really thought about it. Taking the new hint into consideration I really looked in the only places that it could be...I was about to give up when I looked from a new angle and noticed something that did not match the others...and low and behold...stage one...very very clever...and I can see why I have been missing it all along...now I can move on to stage two...and I have a better sense of what to look for...]if your in the hunt...and you use the clues, this may be a little bit more help....think really really small...Seasme Street used to have a segment that allowed the viewer to look at four pictures and the song told you one of this pictures is not like the other, one of these pictures is not quite the same...so look for the little difference in the places that let you take a rest...


April 29, 2007 by Thea101 (227 found)

Started this in January...and am proud to say that after hours and hours and days and days of looking, searching, and playing the..."one of these things just doesn't belong, one of these things doesn't look the same..." game...success on stage three led to quick success on stage four...ETC wanted to play on the playground...she thought that was the best part...this is one of the best hunts I have every had...whatever am I going to do with my time, now that I am not thinking about where the next stage could possibly be hidden....AWESOME cache...thanks again...and thanks for making some of the most useless parks in Rockland interesting...~Thea101~

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:D there is a cache near my home! It is a micro, but it is very close! I think it is about 0.2 miles from me house!!! I couldn't find it!!!! I was searching there so many times, but nothing!!! Nothing!!!


I was finding caches far away from home, in other parts of the island, but I couldn't find the closest to me!!!!


All the time I was seeing foreign geocachers loging this cache and I couldn't find it!!!

I was furious!!! I was going there day by day, but nothing!!! Once, a guy who was there (there is a house very close to this cache, actually the house is less than a meter form there!) just went out and asked me what I was doing! The place is full of antennas and satelite disks! From there Rhodes get the signal from satelites and TV channels!


Well...I didn't know what to say!!! I just smiled and said...snails! Oh boy...I am sure I looked stupid!!! The guy just replied..."here? Iti s dirty!!" and left!!


I was worried because some years ago some guys damaged some antennas and...

well I didn't want to get in troubles!


Anyway...I really didn't know what to do!!! I was thinking to start spying other geocachers that might go to log the cache there!!! I know that this was not the best thing! I didn't do this but when I was going for a walk near there, I always looked there to see if there are cachers!!! :D


One day, I reeceived an email form the owner of the cache, (he is greek and a friend!), if I cound go and put new logbook to this cache!


I wrote him saying thatI would be happy to do that, but I have no idea where the cache is!!! :(


Why all these? Well...the cache used to be in metal stick that was not there anymore! A geocacher found the cache thown away and placed it on a big satelite!!!


The funny thing is that When the owner had come some time ago, he cound't find it either, and he was surprised that other geocachers could! :D


After a little help and a hint, I managed to find this cache and change the log book too! Even with that, it was extremely difficult to find it! WOW!


And... after that, I told the owner too, where the cache is! :(


This cache is the most visited in Rhodes, and it was so difficult to find it!!!! :D

I didn't log DNF's of course! I had been there so many times, that I needed 2 or 3 pages of DNF's!!! :D

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A DNF from yesterday (or was it today? It must have been around midnight...). I was caching together with matlock75 and it was already late in the evening. We just wanted to to one more cache so that matlock75 could reach a total of 150 caches and passed by a cache called "Bio-Basketball". There was a tree and it was obvious that the cache must be in the tree at about 3 m height. No problem, I could climb on Holgers shoulders and reach for the cache... but oh... on the side where we could reach the cache the whole tree was full of ants :D Big ants, thousands of big ants :D None of us wanted to fight with them, so we passed this one and found another one for Holgers little milestone. :(

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One of my favorite caches ive ever done i had a DNF the first time i did it, and it was still my favorite even before i had found it! Fallbrook falls GCkc66 is a beautiful hike down a gorge with a 90 foot waterfall. it is one of the prettiest places i have been while caching, and not finding the cache didnt even matter. I brought a backpacking stove and some mac and cheese and ate lunch in the gorge at the base of the waterfall. I had a great time. heres my log from the DNF:http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=202634b0-4ce0-48fe-b2c0-b64bdfc08b41


i came back a year later and made this my #500 find

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A friend of mine got me into cachning last summer so I decided one of the first caches I would do would be one of his in the local park. It's quite a busy area but he hid it under a log in a clearing....I got to the area and found GZ....took one step further, right onto a wasp nest! Did I give up? NO! The next time, I took another way in ...started hunting around and BZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! Several wasps started flying around so I bolted again. This went on for several tries...then I decided to wait until the fall when it gets cooler and the wasps are sleeping.

I finally found it after seven tries! :(:D

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Ok here is one of my many DNFs.

There is a cache called 5 Ponds Cache. Very nice place. Out there if you know what I mean. Wife and I drove down a very rutty nasty dirt road to get to the place. Got stopped by a gate and had to walk the rest of the way (not real far, but down a muddy hill side). When we get there, I follow the GPS back to the last pond. The GPS keeps telling me that it is out in the middle of the pond. And of course, my wife left the print out back at the truck. After search the nearby trees for about half an hour, we leave. I came back alone the next day. Walked to the last pond, read the description and found stage 1. Programmed the cords for the next stage and walked down past the other 4 ponds. Get to the last one and the GPS tells me it is between the ponds and the stream next to the ponds, in the woods (nice sized area). I start my search. Several times having to come back out in the open to get a better signal. I searched for an hour with no luck after tearing the place apart. Logged it again as a DNF (remember, at this point, I am still green to caching). The owner emails me and gives me a small hint. Next day, back to it. Oh, did I mention, to get there I had to drive for half an hour 1 way and it was about 25 miles both ways. Anywho, I start my search where I left off. Using the hint given. After an hour again, no luck. By this time I am ready to bring a back-hoe and a chainsaw when I return. Go home and email the owner. This time, better hint. Next day, I am back. After 10 minutes, walla, there is the cache. I looked at the spot just about every time I was there. Just that well camoed.

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I just got back from a big, fat DNF, so I might as well post my log here:


Cache: GC1D951 Pirates Treasure

I just spent and hour and a half looking for this cache. I looked in all the typical spots, but no luck. It was tough to get a good ground zero with the cloud and tree cover, but didn't think it mattered much since the coords are not actual coords (making this a mystery cache?). I'll be trying this one again, for sure.


And there are six coins in there waiting to be moved along! Oy!

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The last time when I visited my parents I had solved a puzzle at home and just wanted to go to the coords to log the cache. It was hidden in front of a museum inside of a Transrapid-Train (well, not inside the cabin, but below, inside the mechanics). I searched for almost an hour, there were sooo many posibilities for a cache! Just the moment I decided to give up another cacher showed up and we searched together for another 45 minutes. Then he called a third cacher who had already found this cache and he described where the cache should be. But it wasn't. In the end we decided (and we were right) that this cache is gone and we left.


Couldn't find the cache, but I guess now I can repair a Transrapid, at least I know every wire and every screw inside there :(:D

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we were searching for a micro near an old industrial conveyor band with silos nearby.

there are also some train rails below the silos.

so we searched a long time, there was a spoiler-picture, too, but we coulnd't find it.

i wrote a dnf-log, some days later other cachers found it and we decided to look

for this cache again. no way, nothing found. perfect coordinates, found the place of the spoiler-picture

again but no cache. a cacher-friend found this cache some weeks before, so we decided to call him.

he described the place and it was the place where we have looked already. after some time

we decided to go, cuz we didn't find anything that looks like a cache. and this time a needs maintenance log.

(the owner was no longer active, so no response from his side)

and again some days later a found it log from other cachers.

one last try. we searched again, but this time we searched some nearby places where we guessed

the cache could be. one part of the cache-description said:

Never do leave the trail, never do step on the railway tracks - it is not necessary!

so we left the trail, stepped on the tracks, it was necessary and found the cache.... :(

i can say that i really really hate this cache, today the cache is in the happy hunting ground...

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My most recent DNF was about 2 weeks ago. A new cache was published and it was less than 2 miles away. I convinced LordYatchman that it would be a quick find since it was only a 2/1.5 and it was a regular sized container. (Yeah right) I checked it out on google earth to be sure we went to the correct side of the river and off we went. Got there and found there were waist high weeds--I had also forgotten to use the insect repellent. For the next 25 minutes or so we searched in vain. There were a lot of possible hiding spots too. Then I heard a voice "Beverly where are you?" Didn't see him just heard the voice. "I'm over here" I answered. He replied "what side of the river are you on?" I said "the corrrect side of course!! Where are you?" He answered "10 feet in the air looking at you!" LOL Well I didn't see him and had no idea who was coming but I called out "get over here then and help us look!" It was The Moop Along and also a teacher with I think 4 of her pupils! We all looked for about another half hour without any luck. The mosquitoes and the heat got to me so we finally gave it up. Later others came to look but no one found it. Thinking about it later though I don't think it was ever actually there. There weren't any trampled down weeds as there should have been if someone had checked out the area for the cache placement. It was a newbie who placed it so its also possible that the coors were way off. In any event the cache is now archived without anyone finding it.

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We were sat watching TV nice and cozy, when around 10:30pm we got the notification of a new cache. "Dragons Lair"

We debated the do we or don't we.The difficulty level and hints suggested this may not be an easy cache to do at night. We are suckers!!!!

We grabbed the kids and headed out fully prepared to have to attempt this again in the daylight. The first two stages went great, no difficulties here and we were really liking this multi. Even thought the second stage was a really tricky find, we lucked out because we were using a flashlight and it helped us spot it.

Figuring that since the final was 'bigger' in size that we had this one in the bag. Boy were we WRONG.

We headed into the woods and went to GZ. There were a lot of hiding spots! So by flashlight we all looked. The kids stayed nice and close as it was about midnight by now!

We found one spot that looked like a 'lair', so we pulled and moved and dismantled the bush to not find it. Eventually we just had to give up, the kids were tired, and we were tired!

Early the next morning we went back, and hunted in the early light for another long while, still not being able to find it. After another hour or so of looking we went home and emailed the owners. They emailed us back and told us they would meet us there. So back we went to look for it for a third time.

Once the owners arrived they saw where we were looking they then realised they were off a bit...

We walked about 30m further up the trail, over the hill and down the other side where they stopped!

From there, we found it in about 1 minute!

Arrghhh! But all's well that ends well :(

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I'm not too surprised that there isn't any stories here yet. Most of the people here don't cache so they wouldn't have any DNF stories. Now if it was a story of why they didn't get a mystery coin.... :(


Actually I think that this thread went without a post for about 50 minutes may have been more due to the time it was posted--very early am for those in the US--rather than that people here don't cache as you insinuated

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Made three separate visits for a cache a few months ago. The first time I went the morning it was published (after a few DNFs) and met up with a few FTF hounds on the scene. None of us could get the GPS to point anywhere close to the mini-garden in which we suspected the cache to be. We did not want to trample any plants, and followed the "wheelchair accessible" attribute. With no luck, we gave up after 40 minutes. When I came home, I noticed the owner checked up on it and specified that it was a fake rock. I did not remember any rocks anywhere around that garden (located in a small park with still no rocks nearby). The people I met went back for a second attempt and came up with nothing. The following day, I spent another 20 minutes at the area, trampling a few plants before concluding that it must be a nano in a pebble. Turning over a lot of pebbles did not help. Soon, it was found. Exactly a week since it was published, I returned to meet another cacher, and after another 20 minutes I came up with a large rock in the middle of a plant in the middle of a mini-garden, which a wheelchaired person would never be able to get.

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I was asked by a caching friend to check on one of his caches that had been logged DNF. I had already found the cache myself some time beforehand, so I readily agreed and set out to check that the cache was still there.


I had not taken into account that everything would be frozen solid, I went to the cache site and I could not find the cache, I poked around in the Heather, I looked hard. I got frozen fingers and a runny nose, I looked in other places in case it had not been replaced correctly.


Several times I started to walk back to the car, then I turned back to look again - I knew where it should be. The Heather was frozen solid, but I moved it this way and that. I could not find the cache. I emailed the owner and said it is missing :( . Next time the owner was that way a trip was made to replace the missing cache. Was I embarrassed when I got an email to say it was still there !


Next time I went that way I stopped to check, and yes I found it straight away. Did this cache vanish and reappear? was David Blaine about ? are the Cache Goblins teasing me???

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Here in Michigan Photobug-2 has the reputation of placing some great caches. One was in a rest area on the way to my parents house but is not a typical easy rest area hide. This was a 4 stage multi with each stage very unique. I went by myself and couldn't find the first stage. Next I stook my son and found stage one and also stage 2. We got stumped at the third stage though. I went back another time and couldn't find it. I then asked friends for a hint and still couldn't find it. I then emailed the owners for a hint and he actually apologized! LOL It now became a challenge! He put out several dummy stages and that threw me off. I should have taken the hint a little more literally because when I stood back and thought about it I then was able to go right up and get that stage and then the final was a breeze. It only took me I think 5 trips to find it.

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My caching friend and I went on the hunt for a micro called C/E Line. It was at a stone with a C and an E carved into right one the county line. We searched the woods behing the stone for some time only to come away empty handed. The next week we came back and tried again. Again, no luck. Week after that, we were in the area for an event with my wife in-tow. We had her looking. Again, no luck. This cache was starting to irritate me. All the while between visits it had been found time and time again. What are we doing wrong? Everytime I came home I logged a DNF. I know the cache owners, they can be tricky.

Just this past winter we decided to give it another go. I dug through the snow right next to the rock and uncovered a small flat stone. I lifted it only to find another flat stone. I lifted it and saw what I thought was another rock that would not move. I pulled out my pocket tool and started to chip at the ice and just by accident I nicked the cache container. It took some of the camo tape off to show the bright orange underneath.

So Glad I finally got that one done.

Onto the next DNF

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A short DNF...

Went out in the middle of winter caching (favorite time anymore). We bushwhacked about half a mile back to this one. Got to GZ and started to dig around. Spent a good hour looking but just could not find it under the snow. Gave up and called it a day. Beginning of spring, all the snow is gone, we decided to give it another go. Walked back to GZ again and found it in under 10 minutes. I was digging no more than 3 feet away from the cache...lol

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I'm still new, so, my DNF stories aren't that great... Yet...


However, I have a DNF from last week that was pretty... um... scary...


I was looking for a cache in Ionia here in Michigan, off a dog run. The log stated to wear orange during hunting season, but, that ended a while ago, so, I thought nothing of it. I pulled up, and saw 2 guys get out with their beagles wearing allot of orange. I didn't think much of it and went about my hunt. I got close to the cache (10 ft according to my GPS) and started to look around for it. About 5 minutes into my search, I hear a HUGE bang a short ways to my left. I was a little startled, but, just thought it was a car backfiring. It wasn't till about the third bang that I realized what was going on.


The two gentleman were training their hunting dogs... Including using shotguns so the dogs got used to the noise. Needless to say, I nearly crapped myself and high tailed it out of there. No cache for me, but, I lived, so, it wasn't all bad :P


Yeah, my story isn't that good lol

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Thank you very much, Geo.Error!!!


Don't be afraid of DNFs, I guess every cacher has them, but only a few are honest enough to talk about or even log them... for me it belongs to the game, even if it can be frustrating sometimes :D:D


Congratulations Steinwalzer my friend!!!! B) I hope you will go for the second one soon! :P


Thank you corina for the cointest!!! :D

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Got a cache nearby that has attracted a bit of attention over the time it has been listed - quite a challenge walking through several water filled pools, and then grabbing the cache - which is held in a waterproof box and suspended from a cable above a deep water filled pond - that of course you have to go into to reach the cable.......


But as the fincas (country estates) have changed owners around the location, a new owner has fenced around the only way of reaching the cache without definately going accross land that is marked private...........so inspite of a good and fun trek.......DNF


(hate to say it's a new Dutch owner!!! - never mind the germans in this valley are also not very friendly)


RGZ - Love the stories

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Congratulations Steinwalzer!!!


Thanks Geo.Error for the very appropiate cointest!! Everyone has DNFs. I don't know why they don't log them though. I will log them the second time I try to find one but don't. The first time I just figure I was too dense to see it. I like others to log them too because then if it hasn't been found in awhile I may pick another cache to go after.......

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