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jeep trail maps

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No specific Jeep trail maps that I am aware of, although Garmin Topo 2008 has some fire roads and the like. or you can route.



I tend to find jeep trails in books and on websites. I scan the map (if paper) or copy the web image of the map and import that into Google Earth as a image overlay. It generally takes a bit of stretching to match the overlay to the underlying terrain. But once I've done that, it's fairly easy to draw paths in Google Earth for the trails I am interested in. I save the trails in a KML file, then convert that to a GPX file using GPS Babel. The GPX file can be downloaded to my 60CSx using Garmin MapSource or Easy GPS.



The KML paths show up in the GPS file as tracks by default, but GPS Babel has a conversion filter that will convert them to GPX routes.

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