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Does Garmin eTrex Legend work?

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Hi everyone, I am new at this and want to buy a GPS.I dont want anything fancy or expensive so I have found a used Garmin eTrex Legend I can buy for $75.Is this a good GPS to start with?

Make sure you get the serial cable with it - otherwise that's another 20 bucks. A Legend was my first GPS a few years ago (thanks kids!) and it was a good way to start.

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We found our first several hundred caches with Legends. We never did install additional maps, just used the base maps (and looked at the online maps on the cache page to figure out how to drive there).


I chose them to use with my high school classes because they're rugged, easy to use, and they get the job done.


It's a pretty decent starter unit, still. It costs 2-3 times what you paid to get high sensitivity gps units. It may frustrate you now and then, but you're aware of that and prepared for it.


I'm starting to wonder if there might not be a benefit-- I'm beginning to think starting out without the high sensitivity may have helped us (Team Neos) become better geocachers than we might have been.

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I picked it up today and went and found my first cache!I walked too fast at first so it didn't keep up with me but eventually I figured it out.I don't want to know the exact location so this worked fine so far.Have fun!!

(Sorry, my computer acted up and sent twice)

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