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Travelling to Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam

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Don't know if this will interest anyone but I am travelling to Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam in February of 2009. I am willing to take coins over and place them in caches as I travel if you would like to send them to me.


Things you should know:


1. I did this in Spring of 2007 to Australia and took about 7 for other people as well as 12 of my own. Of my 12 coins, only about 7 or 8 are still actively being moved. I think a few Australians kept my coins as gifts.


2. My brother lives in Singapore and says that many of the caches are micro's because of the immense population so placing coins could be difficult.


3. We are primarily travelling to large cities with big populations in all three countries, so finding anything other than micro's could be difficult but I will do my best to place coins, and if required, I will put multiple coins in the larger caches I find.


4. What do I get out of this you ask? I get to discover lots of coins, and I will probably track a few of them for a while. I also love the sport of geocaching and anything I can do to make it more interesting for others is a plus in my book.


If this interests you, please go to my caching profile at hayndog and send me an e-mail. I will then tell you where you can send coins.




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It's a bit early for me to commit for 2/09. If this came up closer to the late fall - early winter I would probably know what I might want to send. Could you bump the thread then? I would love to travel to that area of the World. Safe Journey to you!


Great thought, I will do just that, thanks for the thought.



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