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WinGDB3 (WinGDB Version 3)

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I have seen that some people at this forum know about or even use the program WinGDB.

This program converts routes to tracks and tracks to routes in GDB files. GDB is the file format of the Garmin Mapsource program.


Originally this program supported GDB version 1 and 2 files. I made a version with GDB version 3 file support. That program was only available as WinGDB_nl3 in the Dutch language. I have the pleasure to announce that there is a new version of the program that supports Dutch, English and German. And I am looking for somebody who can make the French translation.


It is now called WINGDB3.


I added a lot of functions to the original program. Some are not visible, because they made the program more robust, but others are:


Support of tracks with up to 10.000 trackpoints (instead of 1000)

Creation of multiple routes from 1 track with a variabel number of via points.


If you are interested you can download it from my website


Hope you like it.



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There are a couple of programs around named "wingdb". Which one does this come from? If the source was available to let you modify it, you really should include the source so others can do the same. Depending on the license, you may even be required to do so.


Have you contacted the maintainers of the original and offered to work with them instead of distributing a forked version?

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I've tried to contact the originator of this program (Simon Long of KUDATA) already 2 years ago, but I could not find him. Please click in the title bar icon of this program and you see that information.


The sources were distributed in 2004 as WINGDB1.1. If anybody want to make his own version he can use those, as long you mention the copyrights.


I have thought about distributing the sources with the program and I have decided not to do.


- I feel myself responsible for this version of the program and I will do the maintenance.

- It is easier for the user to get just an executable instead of a rar-archive.


To make it easier to contact me I have created a special e-mail address and I mention that address now in the program and on my website. This address is wingdb3@gmail.com .


As far as I know there is no license. I made WinGDB3 for my own use and I just want to share this useful program with others.



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Almost a year later WinGDB3 changed a lot. Now there is version 3.41 and compared to the original the number of functions is doubled.


Most important additions are:


- Possibiltity for elimination of flags for Zumo and Nüvi 500 series (unflag)

- Filter functions added for tracks and routes

- MapSource as output


For more information and free download you're welcome on my website www.sackman.info



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Is there a conflict occurs if i install 3.41 version? i always use the 1.1 version and i want to keep it active. thanks Edward.


I understand that, but no Shivia, there is no conflict. The WinGDB3 installation program doesn't know the 1.1 version, because the name of the executable is different and 1.1 doesn't have an installation procedure.


Version 1.1 just supports gdb files version 1 and 2 and has many bugs and restrictions. WinGDB3 supports version 1, 2 and 3 gdb files and all bugs from 1.1 are repaired. To be very sure do a new download ( www.sackman.info ); even last week I repaired a bug with a gdb version 1 file, probably already present in 1.1.


If there is a discrepancy between WinGDB 1.1 and WinGDB3 please inform me, because I consider that as a bug.


I hope you like WinGDB3 :anicute:



Originator of WinGDB3

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