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Promises, promises

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Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I'd have to stick to the original promise. However, I might ask Buddy A if they mind if Buddy B comes along. With my group it's usually a "more the merrier" attitude, so the only problem is scheduling.

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If you made a promise to someone and another person tempted you to go back on your word, what would you do?
I don't want to bias the answers. First, I'd see if cacher A were interested in coming with cacher B. If cacher A weren't available, I'd pass with cacher B, and I'm sure they'd understand. Friendships are more important to me than a smiley on my profile any day. (Although I've had many chances to the two or three more caches I need to make it to 300, my father-in-law is in town, and I'm spending time with him instead. Sure it kills me not to make a milestone when it's dangling there within reach, but family comes first.)
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Ok all joking aside....


I don't see it as that big of a deal. You can....


1. see if they can go at the same time and make an even better day/cache.


2. tell friend two that you're sorry, but you can't go with them because you already promised friend one.


3. tell friend two that you already promised to go with friend one, but you'll tag along with them when they look for it also.


Take your pick, but don't break you promise to friend one. :):laughing:

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Let me rephrase and clarify... A caching buddy promised my kid and me that we'd do a particular cache together and ended up doing it with other caching buddies instead. (I think you're assuming that I was the one who broke the agreement.)


Although I like your witty answers, it doesn't help me resolve what to do in said situation. I'd like to put the whole thing behind me, but my kid (who has a steel trap mind) will ask me about it sometime, and I'm trying to figure out how to handle it.


Do I pretend that it's our friend's first time to the cache (my kid will find it strange that this friend doesn't try to look for it, and it will feel fake to me)? Or do I tell him the truth and say that he's already found it (thus removing some of the "specialness" of the event for my kid)?

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