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Long Journey Home

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Here is a great article in The Jamestown Sun on the life of a travel bug. The article tells the story on Barb Sand, who placed a travel bug in a geocache in California back in 2004. In 2007, Sand's travel bug came back to South Dakota and North Dakota, but not back to her hometown of Jamestown, ND. Sand wanted to see the travel bug return to North Dakota and pick up a souvenir at each stop along the way. According to the article the travelbug is now several times its original size and has traveled over 7400 miles. Four years later the travelbug returned home to the Frontier Village Cache. The cache was hidden by Sand and has logged nearly 200 visits. Edited by whereissit
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I deployed three travel bugs (on August 15, 2007) that wanted to go 1) to Florida's Gulf Coast, 2) the Pacific, and 3) the Atlantic. All of them wanted to take on a little water and sand and then come back to Minneapolis. It seemed like an easy request, but they became rather large bugs with their respective vials.


1) Freddy, the Florida Fish wanted to go to Gulf on Mexico off the Florida Coast. He got detoured to New Mexico but is a little more on track now in Virginia and may actually make it south this time!


2) Rusty Rudder wanted to go to Atlantic Ocean off the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He has travelled more successfully toward his destination but went further south to Tennessee. I don't think he'll find the ocean down there!


3) Sandy Andy wanted to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean off of the San Diego, California coast. He's still stuck in Wisconsin.


Lessons learned: 1) Don't expect TBs to travel exactly toward their destinations right away. 2) Relax and enjoy the sightseeing they're doing along with them. 3) Don't send such a bulky item next time--they only seem to be traded at events because there aren't as many "regulars" and "larges" as compared to micros and smalls!

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