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How to log a non listed geocoin

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try the "grabbed it from somewhere else option" and log it that way. it will show that the coin is in your possession. then drop it in a cache the way you normally would. i suppose you could notify the coin owner that it was found elsewhere, but if it were mine, I wouldn't mind where it was found--just that it wasn't lost.

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When you look it up, it should show who had it last. Then look up their account to see if perhaps they may not have had time to log it as a drop yet (Are they traveling? Have they logged in lately, etc). If you think they are on vacation, you may want to wait a bit to log it yourself so they have a chance to log it.


If you don't hear from them in a week or so or if they haven't been active months etc, then by all means do a grabbed from" --but make sure to drop it and pick it up again from the cache you found it in so it gets it's travel miles and mark on the map--a lot of owners like to watch the maps change on the trackables.


That reminds me. I'll be taking a trip soon and I'll be gone for 10 days. I need to print out some notes that ask people to please wait to log the TB until after I get a chance. I'll take a laptop with me, but sometimes it's a day or two between places I can get my laptop to connect. I guess I should learn how to use my cell phone to make TB logs.

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