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Awwww, His first geocache

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My daughter has been Geocaching in her all terain buggy and backpack since she was 9 months. She has got assorted swops, sadly she has not learnt to swop yet :) so daddy has to keep pocket full of non baby attractive swops :) .


Shes gets quite excited :) when she see the Cach appering! Often I use her as a waypoint when my N95 is under tree cover. I put her in the most likley position and work out form there, Ive not lost her yet... :laughing:

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My little man has been geocaching with me since before he was born as I discovered this hobby when pregnant. We are beginning to run out of easily accessibly pushchair friendly caches near home tho, and I don't always pick the easiest paths to follow but we manage. He'll probably start to get interested in swaps soon although he's a bit young still at the moment. He has been good cover for hunting for some caches in more muggly areas :laughing:

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...We are beginning to run out of easily accessibly pushchair friendly caches near home tho, and I don't always pick the easiest paths to follow but we manage. ...


We've got a little one a couple of months older - her first cache was less than a month and was a 3 mile round over hills near Kendal. Try out a carrier of some sort - the rucksack types are not really suitable just yet. We use a sling-type thing (Hugababy, but I'm sure similar things are available from other people), which is great at this age because it gives head support that the upright carriers don't. Personally, I usually end up all tangled when I put it on, but the wife finds it fine.


Just don't do what I have done a couple of times & forget to have the baby bag in the car! :(


As you say - great for muggle-rich areas.

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Reading this thread made me think of something.


Today there was an item on my local news about a young child of 7 or 8, who 'borrowed' Mum's car keys and took his 5 year old brother for a drive. Only managed a few yards before hitting something as you would expect.


OK, so the car was of course an automatic, and yes we are talking of the USA, but with that story fresh in my mind I wondered about young kids grabbing the GPS from wherever it is kept and deciding to take themselves off for a 'Treasure Hunt'.


SO, the question is 'What safety sense do caching parents try to instill into their caching toddlers?' :P


And before anyone gets on a soapbox, I'm not suggesting that Toddler Cachers is a bad idea. The younger members of 'careygang' were all teens when we started, so it was not anything we needed to consider...

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I go caching with a little boy I look after - he will be 3 next month and have taken him caching since I started in 2006, The only problem now is that we can't go very fast as he likes to look at/in/behind every tree and I need to ensure that muggles cannot only see us but hear us as he isn't very good about keeping quiet when we find it "THERE IT IS FINONA" :P

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