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Edit online greyed out


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I set my starting coordinates by adress.

It is an adress in Germany. I checked them and they work great. Pretty accurately point to the starting point

Now i want to set zones:

We know that "Create from map" doesnt work, because it's non-US territory

But in this case we could use "Edit online", right?

This button and "View shape" are greyed out.



Problem with win2000 and XP

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To create a zone you need to set co-ordinates for the original point and then click 'Generate points' to create a zone based on that point.


Once this has been done, the 'edit online' button will become active and you will should be able to adjust the zone to how you really want it

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Oh ok

Right, now i get the button

Just that i get "Synchronus call using IFrameXmlHttp ist not supported"

Next an Internet Explorer window tells me that there was an error in the script at line 365 Char 6

/ expected

Code 0

in zones.aspx?CID=478876f5-33bc-49f6-a402-7984db610d75


Now i can recenter my map on the right part of the world...but clicking anywhere on the map doesnt add a coordinate

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