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COINTEST: Win one of Yáahl's Feathers!


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Ok, I gotta hit the sack but I will leave you with just one more.


This one is even easier:


Question/Puzzle # 23 Sox n Shoes


Examine the shoes & socks below.

1)Which row contains the most shoes?

2) Which row contains the most socks?

3) Which row contains an equal number so socks & shoes?



Winner will be announced in the morning. :rolleyes: G'night!


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Email sent...you wouldnt believe that I actually had to send 2 emails!!! :huh: I better make sure I didnt screw THAT up! :rolleyes:

Man, its rough being me sometimes! :) Thanks for the easy one...You shoulda just asked for my addy! :) ...Unless Taubin took me on that one! :D Wouldnt have taken much! I was changin my topic title...Yep tendin to that darn cointest of mine again!!! :ph34r: and I thought I already learned my lesson! :anibad:

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...Unless Taubin took me on that one! :huh:


Nopers, I was lucky enough to be winner #2 in this awesome contest :)


I've been sitting back watching the other lucky winners

I just may get my wings afterall!!! :anibad::ph34r::D Cant say I deserve em though!...Pop in after the 26th coin get one on a gimmee! :)


ooooooh Baby, that'll work for me!!! :rolleyes:

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Oh, I guess I am too late to send an answer with the socks question :huh:


Away for the weekend and stayed in bed with a bad headache yesterday I missed a lot of cointests for feathers! But I am always sleeping anyway when Sarah asks their questions :rolleyes::anibad:


But it's fun to read through all of the cointests, to guess the answer and to find out if I am right just after guessing :ph34r:


Congratulations to all happy feather winners and thanks to Sarah for her generous cointest!

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I missed a lot of cointests for feathers! But I am always sleeping anyway when Sarah asks their questions :):)

Tonight I will post another set of overnight puzzles for those who are awake when I'm asleep. Last night I got too busy packaging up the first load to be shipped. :D



More puzzles in about an hour or less.



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Thw winner is




More puzzles soon. :D Breakfast first.



Congrats Buddy! :D


Well, its a good thing I dont play by the rules!!! :) I sent the answer through her profile and guess what...she aint kiddin- You better send em to the right place!!! :) Funny, because I even read that part back when this bad mamma Jamma of a cointest started!!! :D


Such is life...Cant say you didnt try to Gimmee a Good night Gimmee! :D

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Having trouble with pictures for some reason so here is one that does not need a picture:


Question/Puzzle # 24 The lineup




1) Which letter of the alphabet does not appear in this lineup?


2)What 13-letter word - with its letters in correct order and appearing together - can you find in this lineup?


3) Which letter of the alphabet appears exactly three times in the lineup?


4) What 7-letter word - with its letters in correct order and appearing together - can you find in this lineup?


5) Other than the answers to questions 2 and 4, how many everyday words - with their letters in correct order and appearing together - of four or more letters can you find in this lineup?



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Question/Puzzle # 25 How Many Marbles? Or I Lost Mine a Long Time Ago..... :)


Billy has ten marbles more than Bobby, who has six fewer than Buzz, who has fifteen more than Brenda. If the child with the fewest marbles has twenty, what is the total number of marbles owned by the four children?





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nd the winner of # 24 is




A&T was oh, so close! :) Keep on trying! Next puzzle soon.




Yes! Yes! Yes! Wow and AM smart and people like me! (Stuart Smalley)

The difference was I had my coffee, newest report says it makes you smarter and live longer...


edited because that coffee effect is wearing off....

Edited by gardengorilla
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One more before I have to head off to work:


Question/Puzzle # 26 Fun With Facts & Figures 3


1) Take the years in a century and divide them by the value of the Roman numeral V.


2) Next add the point value of a Blackjack in gambling.


3) Now subtract the number of lives cats traditionally have.


4) Divide by the number halfway between 12 and 20.


5) Add the number of letters in the name of the European nation that contains Madrid, Barcelona and Seville.


What is your answer?


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Whoop Whoop!!! Way to bee Lady Bee!!! :)


Kay now I am thinking...Has there ever been a cointest only coin??? Cuz I think we have one right here :)


Sarah just donated a full set of feathers to my cointest!!! :D ...You gotta be Kiddin!!! What a Gal!!!

So now that she's at work...get some sigs, take some pics and win a feather!!! :D


Thank You Sarah...Thats just the coolest! :D

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Thanks so much Sarah for the fun cointest!!!! :) I was hoping that eventually I might be lucky and clever enough to answer correctly. Help from friends works too!! I will continue to follow the thread.




(I wondered why my answer turned out to be a decimal...!)


I also got a decimal answer the first time I did it and then realized my mistake.

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Oh no, now there were cointests when I was NOT SLEEPING, and what was I doing? I was out caching with matlock75! :(:D A wonderful way to miss the cointests, but I still want one of these beautiful feathers... :)


Congrats to the lucky winners!

Don't feel bad, I was at work....lol


Congrats to the winners!

CF30, you sure had a lot of packages to send out...lol

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Well before this cointest gets buried by other threads, I'd better post another puzzle. I guess i've been slacking a bit in that department but I've been busy with other stuff. :(


Question/Puzzle# 27 What Number?


Can you figure out the sequence of numbers in this diagram and what missing number goes in the space with the question mark?




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I sent an answer, too, but I am not sure about this one... I was never good with this sort of puzzles! But I have to try :(


In about an hour I am away again and I can't play again, so I just have to try!


Edit: argh, I forgot to add the question title :) , had to send it again...

Edited by Steinwälzer
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