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The Brahean Geocoin


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zowie! What an amazing coin - looks like something that you'd find in an alchemist's pocket. I'd love to trade a tikicoin (clay or bronze) for one if you are interested. Great job!



I have decided to withhold setting up any more trades before I have all the coins in hand, after the presale. I'd more than likely be interested in this trade then. :cry:

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I have decided to withhold setting up any more trades before I have all the coins in hand, after the presale. I'd more than likely be interested in this trade then. ;)

Very nice! Where and when is the presale? :)

The presale will be on the CoinsAndPins site. I do not yet know the exact date.

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As several have pointed out...




The Brahean Geocoin is up for presale!


You can buy it at CoinsAndPins.com. Click here to purchase the antique silver edition and here for the antique bronze. The sale is going to last until next Saturday.


Here is the description provided by CoinsAndPins:


"Brahe was a noted scientist who helped define early astronomy, navigation, and other fields of study. Even though some of his theories were found to be incorrect when more modern methods were discovered, he still left behind beautiful works of scientific art. This kind of art is long lost in today's technical world. The coin is a 3-D rendition of one of his navigation charts. The coin consist of two opposing spinning rings and a round spinning globe. The texture was designed to give the coin an old world look and feel.


This coin concept was brought to us by the geocacher dimkasmir.


* Measures 2" diameter

* Two opposing rotating rings with a spinning 3-D rounded globe

* 3-D designs on front side

* Trackable on Geocaching.com

* Will have its own icon, if enough are ordered, that will show on your profile when you log a discovery"

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I checked and re-checked, then made my decision as 2 Bronze.

:) The Bronze just makes this one stand out as an old Treasured item you dug up someplace wrapped in oily old canvas.

The silver just didn't suit this coin for some reason but that just me.

Now if it had come in Black Nickel I would have gotten more.

The fact remains it is a fantastic coin to be an owner.

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If anybody wants to get an extra antique bronze and trade me, please contact me through my profile or through the trading site linked below.


Looking forward to hearing from another trading addict!




trade arrange, thank you DaFunkyFrogs !!

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A few have emailed about an error in the description for the coin. It refers to the creator of the idea that the sun revolves around the Earth as Brahean. This is incorrect, his name was actually Tycho Brahe. I have already asked CoinsAndPins to fix this error.


By the way, thanks to everyone for the great feedback on this coin.

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I have just received a note from CoinsAndPins that over 300 coins have already been presold. For those who are interested, this means that the coin will for sure have a custom icon.

Thank you to everyone who as already purchased the coin, making the sale so successful even with five days remaining.

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Being an amateur astronomer, I like the idea of this coin, as Tycho (as he's more commonly known) was very instrumental to astronomy. However, he did not create the idea of the sun revolving around the Earth. That was Copernicus. In fact, Tycho did not accept Copernicus' heliocentric theory. Instead he developed a system known as Tychonic system. Tycho however made very accurate and detailed observations of the heavens that led Kepler to develop his theories (and eventaul laws) of Planetary Motion.



The coin is nice and I will be buying one or two to add to the collection.

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The sale ended yesterday and thanks to you guys a total of 537 coins was sold! I am going to have AEs and LEs (most likely 35 and 40 produced, respectively) which will be 2- or 3-tone for trade soon as well as regular editions. I will post pictures of them when they are produced and in my hands, in about a month. I will also start taking trade offers then.

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