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A Walk on the Wild Side

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Have you found insects, arachnids, mammals, or cold-blooded critters while caching? Were you lucky enough to capture them with your camera or cell phone? Let's see 'em! And although I'm not an entomologist or mammalian researcher, I could try and help you identify them!


I'll get us started: here's a pic my friend, TECGeoJim, captured on a temp cache I placed at event:


It's a fishfly.

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Saw this fellow on the way to a cache in MD a few weeks ago




Ran into this little guy on a cache maintenance run last spring. He was new to the concept of walking. I just sat

still on a rock and it walked up to me.







This one was on the way to a cache. We actually saw a dozen or so of the things in the same area. You rarely see these in NJ, so to see so many in the same place was amazing.




These things are pretty common here, but rarely will they stay still long enough to pose for photos.



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Ospreys, I think


I'm not an animal expert, but I'm pretty confident those are bald eagles, not ospreys. But I could be wrong :D


yes, those are bald eagles for sure. I see them all the time up here (in addition-- it's our national bird :D ). Magnificent they are!


I wasn't too sure if they were bald eagles or not. They didn't seem to be large enough for eagles, although we do see eagles around here all the time, as well as ospreys.

They were being very vocal that day. You can see one of them has his mouth open.

They flew across the trail right in front of us about 75 feet away and lit in the tree. This was just about 2 mintues after we saw a deer jump across the trail, too.

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