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Australian official UHF Caching Channel

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I do not know much at all about UHF CB Radios (I probably put CB where I shouldn't have there) but i do know that they are good for shareing info. I was wondering if an official australian geocaching channel would be a good idea. Just an idea, I like talking to other caches to get hints on caches, etc.




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Hi Smish25,

Some events have decided on a channel to use during the event, but as for a single channel that we all use that can change from area to area depending on what repeater stations are avalible.


The other place to try asking this question is on the GCA forums, as you will find most Australian caches hang out there.


try posting your message on these forums- http://forum.geocaching.com.au/index.php You will need to registor and log in unless you post in the International Section.

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