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help with easy gps

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i got it to work before, but now can't do it anymore.


i have a magellan explorist 400, (no memory card) and use easy gps. i save all the files as one and the extension is .gpx. i try to send it to the gps and the extension changes to .gs, but i do not get all of the points i previously added. do i have to upload each individually, or can i keep it as one big file?


help is always appreciated.

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I also have problems with downloading; to my Colorado 400t.

I guess I never noticed file changing with my gps. got fustrated with and removed. lol, now maybe have to get it again to see if it does the same for me.


I really like the idea of mass file download, I've tried easygps and also found one called gpsbuddy. Both seem same to me.


1. I can't get easygps to send all at once, just get pretty much a empty file.

2. I can get geobuddy to do multi file download, but has like a 90 day trial.


The thing the thing that bothers me is I can't get ether one to send the cache description to the garman, no mater how I send the file single or multi.

Is there a way to get the description also?

Only way i can get the the cache and descirption is through the site directly. one file at a time


Hope any ideas can help us both out.


Thanks to bodet328 for starting this post

on the program


< MollyMaeRue >

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