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Hello! I am back! ;) I was out for some hours!


I found it! I am signal! :)B)B)

Of course you can not see me because I am in a frog costume!


Ok, I am kiding! :)


Signal is also a TB!!! :) Nice!!! :D

WOW! according to what I see, events are quite nice!!! ;)

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In 2007 after the Slipping Into Summer event in Maine, Attroll had a Kayak Event the next day. This is a view of some of us on the water.


L to R = red kayak (a new person ? user ID), blue kayak - Mainiac1957 and his 2 Geodogs, red life jacket - 1ManTeam, wood kayak - TAT, red kayak with green life jacket - hollora.



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From left to right:


Our nephew "Too Fast" - my husband"Frank" - Daughter "4th Jean" - and me "Beck"


This was taken at the 2nd annual Cooper's Rock Meat-N-Greet!


This pic was taken as we were running back from a find, fastest time wins!

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This was taken at around 6:00 am the morning of the MOGA 2008 competition. In the picture are, from left to right, top row:

Myself - Crowesfeat30, my daughter's boyfriend - Will, my boyfriend - Strider

bottom row:

my daughter's son - Austin, my daughter - fobidragon, and our dog Blue.

My daughter placed third in the ladies division of the individual course. I placed fourth but only because she could still run at the end and I couldn't. Next year, tho, there will be age divisions for the ladies so watch out! :o



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:o:D;) Beautiful photos!!!


now, I will place photos of our team! They are not from an event, but...since that every time we go for geocaching it is an event for us!...;) I am kiding! These photos are only to see how we look!


This photo is taken on the top of Akramitis mountain in Rhodes! the cache up there is the hardest in the island! The weather was extremely bad! it was very windy and cold, and we couldn't even walk!!!



Just because my sister is hiding between my brother in law and me (the guy in the right,...the fat one! :D ), here is a photo of her, in 7 piges cache! The other guy is me!


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Congrat's on the success of your event :D


THANKS Tsun, we really enjoyed hosting this. I hope our volunteers feel the same!!


Plans will begin for next year's event! We're growing a bit, so maybe we'll hit 150 attendees next year!! This year, we had 71 official attendees sign the registration, but we figure it to be closer to 100 as we had several walk-in including a Girl Scout troop!


Get those pics in everyone, I'm really enjoying seeing all those faces! It almost seems like a virtual event! :D


Hmm.. then can I participate in the cointest by posting our photos too? It will be my virtual event!!! :D

Remember... nobody has ever seen us! ;)


:DB)B) He Gatoulis, your cointest addicted, my friend :oB):D


:D:D:D Yes! I admit it! I like the fun of the cointests, so..


:D:D Oke a tip for you, create your own private event, so you can joy this cointest ;):D


Well, according to what I saw in the other events in Greece, I do not think they were more than 10-15 persons! Since I am the only geocacher in the greek area under Athens, (maybe with one exception, a guy who is in a university in Pelopponese, but he is not from there), and the only one in the greek islands.... If I make an event, me, my sister and my brother in law (all under my code name) will be the only ones there! So, I can even make an event in my room! :D


There are not many geocachers in Greece, so... I do not think we are more than 30! So....B)


Hey Gatoulis,


Maybe what you could do is create a meet and greet at one of your local restaurants and just put it on geocaching.com and see if anyone shows up? You may end up being surprised? Even if it is just the 3 of you, you can at least have a nice dinner together?

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In 2007 after the Slipping Into Summer event in Maine, Attroll had a Kayak Event the next day. This is a view of some of us on the water.


L to R = red kayak (a new person ? user ID), blue kayak - Mainiac1957 and his 2 Geodogs, red life jacket - 1ManTeam, wood kayak - TAT, red kayak with green life jacket - hollora.




Very nice of you, I'll allow those!!


Gatoulis, your photo will count since you are a "special" case here (not many of you out there, are there??) My only requirement, post an event in the near future and see if you can't get a few new cachers from it!! I've noticed that, at many events I've hosted or attended, a newb cacher was born!!


Cointest will run for a day or so more, I kinda like seeing all those great pics (I hope everyone else does as well)!! Keep those pics coming in!!


Oh, and FairyHoney...MaxB is a friend of ours as well. We get to see her and her husband at many of the local events. If you ever get the chance, they've got a HUGE cache in their yard, go for a visit and they might even offer you a river trip!!

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After going through all my geo photos I realized the WWFM is the only one with a picture of me. (which I posted) And I have been to six events! I am usually the one taking the pictures :o



This is "Breakfast at the Lodge" Event. I am on the far left standing with my back to the camera in a white shirt. Can't you tell it's me ;)

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Thank you RR for allowing my entries for friends - here is a shot at the 2008 Maine Pirate Quest of (L to R) Medawilsa, Gail of the Gail & Dave team and Girlmate (Dave1976). These gals had been planning their costumes for nearly a year. There is a best adult and best kids costume - they won last year - guess who won this year?


One of these gals will be in another entry!


Oh, the MPQ started last year as a way to break up our long winter and welcome spring. This year we had folks come from Massachusetts - last year Canada. Next year - who knows?

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My next entry for your consideration is a Team - yes, Team Richards. A wonderful caching family from here in Maine. They have helped both years prepare for our event. They come early, work hard decorating, enjoy the event and then clean up after. Real team players.


If you want to know how much this family enjoys coins - look at some of the logs for coins they have discovered. It's not just "thanks for sharing". There is usually some study which goes into a nice composition about the coin.


Real team players - they are a great caching family. One of those you hope to meet on the trail. Happy to post their photo as an entry for them.

GEDC0053.jpg Photo taken right after we finished getting the room ready to go for the 2008 Maine Pirate Quest Event.

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My next entry is Dave and Gail. They are a couple and cache as a team. They have had a roller coaster ride this past year. Caching friends have helped a lot. We were so happy they could join us at the 2008 Maine Pirate Quest - they were there last year and it was shortly thereafter the ride started. Happy to say - Dave is back to work and Life is Good! Honored to be their friends!


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Always need a Blast from the Past......in spring of 2006 I met We3Beans. They were a couple expecting their first child and very excited. Baby Jonah was born and the 2 Beans really became 3 and in the spring of 2007 at the 2007 Maine Pirate Quest Event (the first MPQ), Jonah made a debut. Here he is enjoying the event last year.


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Well, I was waiting for someone else to post. Lacking that - here is a photo of part of Francis Family at the 2008 Maine Pirate Quest Event. Amara had taken a nap in Dad's lap in a chair and just woken up for this shot. 9 months old this was her 3rd Geocaching event.


Again - thank you RR for allowing me to post these photos for others. If any of them are winners I can provide you with the addys or of course you could PM them through their profiles.

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Heres me and my buddy Sparkey just after gathering of the LC cachers sittin on top of the rock at Dog gone it. Its not quite at an event but we did a cache run with Dadfish...Great fun and great views!- Good times all around! Dadfish took the pic when he had my camera.


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Ok, this is me at my very first geocaching event ever - the 2004 SLAGA Christmas Party held at the Greensfelder Learning Center. Boy have we outgrown that dinky little place! :lol:


I'm on the right in red sitting next to Digger O'Dell.



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And this one was taken at one of our Summer Picnics. It's kinda hard to tell because it is cropped in so much but I don't go around with a name tag on unless I'm at some event or other. It is probably one of my favorite pictures of mysef because I was actually thin then... :lol:




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Just found a picture of a part of me at another event :D




That was at the 2. OWL Nicolaus Geo-Stammtisch last Decembre


My first event in the region :)


Forgot to mention: The one looking into the camera am I (At least part of my head :D)


SO, You are THE eyes :D


I am :D But it´s a bad pic, I am not even having my hair styled :D


Up front are some better ones :D


How did you get all the small pics of yourself?

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"I am But it´s a bad pic, I am not even having my hair styled


Up front are some better ones


How did you get all the small pics of yourself?"



I Wish I coud get them to be Bigger :D


Hmm.. If they are from a post on geocaching.com, then you should click on the small version, the it should show up to the right a bit bigger, then copy the adress of the picture from the larger version through a rightclick


I hope that works :), but I like the small ones also, they do not take as long to load :D

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