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Selling Geocoins

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I don't do a lot of posting in the forums. More of a lurker due to thin skin, but I thought I might need to post since we have some very smart geocachers and coin collectors among us.


I have really enjoyed collecting geocoins the past 3 years and cherish all of them. Recently I have received a couple of e-mails from very smart people, not too many cachers in Darlington, SC, to ask if I was selling my geocoins on e-bay. No, I'm not in any financial trouble, no accidents in the family and it's not that I feel I owe anyone an explanation or that I think anyone is being nosy and I know a lot of people do not even know me but any how...


The answer is yes. I have been selling my geocoins on ebay. Something I swore I would never do. Never say never. I am a hemodialysis nurse and transplant coordinator for my clinic. Out of the 100 patients at just my local clinic only 3 are on the transplant list. Why? Several reasons. #1 for my patients is MONEY. There is a 17 yo girl (same age as my middle child) that instead of attending the 11th grade full time comes to dialysis 3 times a week . With travel time plus treatment time that is about 6 hrs each time. She has already had 1 transplant that failed due to no fault of her own. Even with medicare/medicaid some patients are asked to have app $5000-7500 or more out of pocket, up front before being added to the transplant list even if they qualify medically. I have 3 healthy children and cannot imagine 1 of them going through what I have seen this young lady go through.


Due to "conflict of interest" I cannot publically hold a fundraiser so this is my way of helping. I will not sell any personal coins that I traded for. I may e-mail you and ask if you mind if I trade for one that I can sell. The money will be given to the social worker for the "neediest". This is NOT in any way a request for donations. You can always donate to a local organization. I am usually a very private person. Lets call it a request for -Organ Donation Awareness. Thanks for listening to my rambling and thanks to all who have bid on my coins so far. Oh, and sorry if this is off topic.



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I commend you for your didication . . .

Is there anything WE can do to help?


Thanks for asking Fairyhoney. This is something I felt I needed to do and I just had several cachers making sure I was okay and that means a lot to me . Some people know how attached I am to my geocoins. I wish continued good health to everyone.



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Michelle, let me know if I can help. I know that this is something that is very near and dear to your heart!


I'll go through my stuff and see if there's anything I can send ya to help out!


Naomi :blink:


Thanks Naomi, spreading the word on Organ and Tissue Donation helps everyone!

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Michele, Having personally been through major kidney surgery as a kid, and, since that saved my life giving me opportunity to "grow up" (Mrs derschlings often wonders if I ever did grow up) and become a "people-plumber",

I have a pretty big soft spot in my heart for kids on dialysis hoping for their own miracle: a working kidney that will free them from the bondage and suffering of dialysis.


Please PM or email me confirming that your address in the "geocoin directory" is correct.

I'd like to send you a very rare version of my Kuntry Kashin coin for you to auction for this cause.

Only 5 of these were minted, and no more will be minted.


If it can help one of these kids, well, Lord knows it's a much better cause than it sitting in a binder here.


Best wishes to you and all the folks you're giving a chance at life to.


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This topic is very close to my heart, err... should I say liver?


I had a transplant a little over 4 years ago, and I was lucky enough to have great health coverage. They paid the entire $117K bill.


I wish to send some coins for you to auction off, so that someone else will have the same chance to live like I did.

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