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garmin HCx - lowrance H2O - for fathers day

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Welcome to the Forums! :blink:


The people in these Forums who have the Lowrance seem to be happy with those GPS units. However, there are many more people who use the Garmin units, so there are more people available here to answer your questions.


I really like my Vista HCx. I have both City Navigator and Topo maps loaded into it.

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It's all about the maps!!!


For me the only reason to own a GPS is to see your position in the context of a map, better yet a Topo map.


Given that Garmin "owns" 90% of the handheld market, all the other players split the remaining 10%, who's likely to have the best maps. Not only Garmin maps, but third party maps too, both free and fee. That map choice alone would sway me, and did . . . Garmin for life!!!


Choose your GPS brand based on the maps first, software drives hardware.

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Lowrance has simulators you can download to sort of try it before you buy it.




Lowrance also has a free GPX to GPSr utility that you can download install.




I bought a pair of Lowrance XOGs for my dad and father-in-law and was fairly impressed. Their hand helds seem nice too. Almost wish I had gotten the handheld for my father-in-law as he mainly wanted it for fishing.


All that being said I went with Garmin based on what was said earlier. Great support from peer groups and easy to use self service support on the web. I also like how geocaching.com lets you download straight to your Garmin.

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