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I have not heard blinker or blinkie, in Utah they are "Magnetos" lol


Have seen them called blinkers but generally around here they're called nanos.


I mentioned a "Magneto" on a cache and people didn't know what I was talking about. It's funny how different areas develop different dialogs.

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Mr Magneto™ is a small container constructed specifically for use as a geocache container and sold by a Florida cacher.


Blinkies are a tad larger, constructed as jewelry. Both have rare earth magnets at one end and screw on cap.


The Blinkie has a hole in the threads on the cap for a tiny piece of paper to prevent contact between the battery and the LED light in the cap during shipping. Makes it somewhat less water resistant. Removing the battery leaves a place for a log. There is some slight variation in Blinkie sizes.


Blinkers? a lot things are blinkers...

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A "blinker" might be a reference to a cache that looks like an outdoor Christmas tree light...

And it might refer to a device used to restrict a horse's vision, so it's not distracted by things to the left or right.


But I think they're equally unlikely.


We call the horse vision restrictors "blinders", but in the south blinkers are the things you use to indicate which way your car is going to turn. Although, since many people don't use them...they are often not blinkers at all but pretty plastic on the corners of the car...so we joke about blinker fluid being expensive and in short supply so people don't waste it.

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