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ok yime got me thinking about this coin tonight...so here is a cointest for you night owls...for one of my AE Cache-Aid Box coins!! (its the silver one)...


What will I be helping with this coming week???


First one to get it right wins one!! :blink:


edit to say: no post limit...do it as much as you want lol

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Well, it's the last week of school around here and I happen to work at a school, and we're having what we call "Field Day" where the whole school participates in outdoor games/activities, almost like carnival games, but put on by the PTA and parents. So I'm gonna guess something like that -- end of the school year activities. :blink: Now, pray for some sunshine!

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Bible Day Camp is another way to say it...so I'll give it to you fluteface....it was vacation bible school... I'll send you one in the mail on Monday!!!


Let me think of another cointest for those who didn't win...and I'll run another one....give me a few minutes to think of one lol

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ok...there is a new movie out...and my husband wants to take us all to go see it...but first we had to watch all three movies that come before it, so the boys will know what's going on when we go to this newest movie.


We watched the 3rd movie in the series tonight and are all up to speed now lol so my question is:


What is the name of the 3rd movie (we watched them in order) that we just got done watching??

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Since I know you're up...I have a coin of yours numbered 69 that's supposed to be trackable at sigitem.com, but it's not registered yet. I think it was the first one you released an Lewiston. Was that coin intended for the owner of that Cache? I got that impression when I read the log you wrote. if it was, I can put it back in there some day when I'm in town.

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