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Is it just me or is something going on with Lock-n-Lock. I am having a hard time finding them. Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer all seem to be going to SnapTight I think they are called. Lower quality at a higher price.


Costco sometimes has them, as does Linens and Things.

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Uwajimaya in Seattle or Bellevue has (had?) a good selection. Of course it's a little far for us to go to check up but we'll be over there around the 19th and never miss stocking up at Uwajimaya.


Uwajimaya in Redmond has a large selection; just bought some there a week ago.


There are a lot of online places to get them. I visited the Lock & Lock site - never realized it was an Australian company.

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Our own Lookout Lisa is a distributer of Lock & Lock containers and is able to buy them in bulk.


She sells them both 'natural' and pre-camo'ed.


Thanks, I bookmarked the link to her page. I like the "pre-camo'ed" ones.

Thank you! I just camo'ed up a bunch yesterday now that the humidity was finally low enough :)


Like Allanon said, I can get these in bulk for a pretty nice deal. If folks are interested, I can arrange a bulk order (at cost -this is for the community, not for my profit) like what some folks have done with acquiring ammo cans in bulk.


If there is enough interest (and a ship-to address and helper for distribution), I can set something up. Another option would be free pick-up at our WSGA Campout here in Spokane the first weekend of August.


Let me know what y'all think.

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Accidentally found another source for Lock-n-Locks today - Paldo World in Bellevue. 549 156th Ave SE in the Lake Hills Shopping Center.


We stopped in to grab the random crazy asian coolness they've got and found half an isle of Lock-n-Locks, including some really cool small ones we hadn't seen before. And cheap, too...

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Lookout Lisa, owner of Cache Advance, would like to let folks know that she would like to extend holiday greetings by offering to broker an order of Lock and Lock containers at cost for those that want to participate.


If you are interested in participating, contact me through my profile prior to December 20th and I can send you a flier with sizes and prices. The savings are an average of 40%...and that doesn't even include the savings on shipping which she will also cover. Because of this special offer, this is a cache...oops...cash/check only offer. To make things easier for both you and her, I will be collecting all orders and money and then placing one big order on the 20th.


I'm offering to be a 'drop ship' point if it will make delivery and distribution easier, otherwise delivery will probably be during the weekend of the Whidbey Cache Machine.


At this time, Lisa wants to stick to the 5 sizes that she normally carries on her site. If this is popular, a larger list of sizes and prices may be available in the future.


Edit to say, since delivery will be made to me, it would be helpful if you live or will be traveling to the Monroe or Totem Lake area for pickup.

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