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Group Geocoin Project for GeoCoinfest

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Calling all GeoCoinfest Pittsburgh attendees:


Who's up for a geocoin group project for GCF in Pittsburgh this October? I'm organizing the project. If you would like to be included or would like more info, please send me an email (no PMs please) -- groupcoin@johnandstacy.com.



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Count me in. Any ideas on the design yet?

Yup. I'm almost finished with the artwork. Lookout for a web page to be announced this weekend. :)



We are getting a great response to the project. Please include your geonick with your email. I'm putting together a mailing list for the project. I'm off to a caching event shortly and will check all emails when I get home tonight. Please be patient if I don't respond to your email until tonight.



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Hi Stacy,


I sent an email and it got trhown back at me. LOL Are yoy having problems with the email or is it just me??? B)


Yikes ;) . Not having any problems that I know of. I've gotten about 40 emails so far through that address (3 of them this morning). Double check the addy and try it again. If all else fails, send me an email through GC.com profile. ;)



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Now that summer is here I have been thinking about Geocoinfest and these little coins!


Was wondering what everyone was doing with the six character limit? :ph34r:

Are you abbreviating you nick or doing something completely different. All suggestions welcome.


I think I would still like the sequential numbering so don't want to use both sides.

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I guess I'm signed up! :D I did get an email about choosing colors-first come, first serve. Unfortunately, I won't be here for the next couple of weeks! I just hope there will be some cool colors from which to chose! :D


If I'm not signed up, I will do it when I get back. Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing what this is going to be.

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