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Geocaching License Plates

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Now mind you, I did not mean for this to happen. Here is the story.

I was lookin for a car to drive to work and maybe caching. Since gas is so high. I bought a 1989 Mazda MX-6 off one of the local truck drivers that come in. Very nice clean car. When we transfered the title I got a plate. I laughed as soon as I saw it and thought it was kinda appropriate. The 9270 is very close to my home location N41 09.440 w078 40.759.

The plate I want to get for the truck is either gonna say "Sparti1" or "SPRTCUS"


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We just got ours in April:




Last weekend we were walking through a state forest, finishing up a long multi. There were lots of joggers and dog-walkers and bicycle riders on the trails. As we were nearing the parking area, one guy on a mountain bike stopped short and said "Let me guess -- you're the hermit crabs!" We confirmed his suspicions and asked if he was a cacher too, and he said "A what?" Turns out he had never even heard of geocaching at all, but had seen our license plate and guessed that "HCRABS" stood for "hermit crabs".


It doesn't tend to be most people's first guess. :)

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I got this one on my first Cachemobile in 2001...my subaru outback...it has since adorned four others, the latest of which is my first Jeep.


The subaru was my first cachemobile....




Then a few others...including another subaru, which met it's demise (or so I thought) in this mudhole at Potter's Ponds....I saw this exact car motoring along the freeway last month...the present owner told me that it now has 200,000 miles on it. If he only knew where it's been...


By the way...if you look closely, you'll see the GPS HUNT tag under the grille....ok...so maybe you can't.




then a Ford Escape, and now this one:




I probably should have stayed with the higher MPG subaru, given the current state of things...hard to beat a Jeep for caching, tho.

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