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Multi Caches of Note

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For most of us, multi caches are a fun alternative to the standard cache, though I've had my experiences with a few multi's where I found myself wondering, "Why didn't the owner just plant three separate caches." Muiti's in my experience are tricky to design because there needs to be a benefit to linking caches - either through an enhanced adventure that grows per stage of the multi, through enhanced scenery (each phase takes you to a better place) or by the anticipation of a reward at the final stage that is worth the effort. Without these factors playing into a multi, many multi's out there (in my opinion) are really just poorly planned standard caches in close proximity of one another.


I'm looking for people to share their experience of multi's - good and bad. I'm also trying to find where the longest multi (the one with the most stages) might be. As I search and as I plant caches in my local area, a perspective from the community on this will only serve to make mine better.

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Multis for the sake of just making it a multi can be tedious. A well executed multi however is a great caching experience.


Some of the best multis I've experienced:


Melvin's Multiple Madness


NY NJ Multi State Multi Cache


The Giant's Stairs


Ay Carumba!!


To me a well execute multi will have a purpose. It could be to force the searchers to follow a certain route to make the journey more interesting, or each stage could be at a special point of interest.

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I don't usually do multi's, typically because I'm caching with a 3 yr old and his attention span isn't quite long enough. However, I recently completed a multi while on vacation (the toddler was with a grandparent) that was great.


Cruel and Unusual (in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia)


I won't reveal how many stages it was (part of the fun) but it's more than 10. Typically cachers track over 11km back and forth across a hilly forested provincial park with great views of the Atlantic Ocean. Some cachers have reported doing it in just over 3.5 hrs, but typically it takes several days of return visits. The waypoints are not containers (again, revealing what they are would ruin the fun) and are slightly evil in their placement. The final is an ammo can, locked with a padlock. You need to have gathered the combo numbers from other stages, and if you've done the job correctly you have more numbers than you need.


Here's my log:


I was brought in from the West Coast as reinforcements for one of EastCoastTwo. Over the course of several days we fought the blackflies and mosquitoes while searching for all the way points. Well to be truthful, we spent many of those hours looking for one waypoint in particular. Occam's Razor *should* have come into play, but for some reason we made it much harder than it was. Having found that waypoint now, I don't know how we didn't see it several hours earlier since I'm sure both of us looked in that area several times.


We also had a bit of trouble at the end. Certain but not too certain that we had all the combo numbers, we couldn't get the lock open. Of course, neither of us knew the correct sequence to get the lock to open. After exhausting all the possible combinations twice using two different lock-turning methods, we packed it in and hit the internet to find out how to open a lock! Mind you we briefly considered whether a rock was a tool or an implement and therefore didn't go against the cache guidelines! The return trip to the final with the correct lock-opening procedure was successful ... we only had to try half the possible combinations.


In the end we've had an incredible tour of the park. We kept coming across areas where we figured a waypoint (or the final) could be hidden ... and might have even taken a quick look to see if we could catch a waypoint without specifically directed there


By far this has been the best put-together multi-cache I've done so far. The time and effort that has obviously gone into planning and placing the waypoints is quite impressive. Once we got by the frustration of the one waypoint, it was rather fun, and we're both kinda sad that it's over.


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Polly Takes the Plunge is my all-time favorite cache, and it had to be a multi. It's archived here, but it's still active and listed elsewhere...


The Bill & Gary series here were awesome caches put out by the Huron-Clinton Metroparks. They might have been okay as separate caches, but the building anticipation of what was next worked well. That was especially true when people would log about the dreaded Fourth Stage -- much more effective if you can't just go do it, you have to work up to it. Bill & Gary I (listed as traditional, but definitely a multi), II, III, IV


Island Hopper Multi. It's a paddle cache that takes you from island to island on a scenic lake.

My first hide was the same idea. I think it was an appropriate multi.

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There are two types of multis that I like.


The first is a short offset cache at a monument or historic spot, where you do some math or something and then find the container a short distance away. If the cache was a stand alone traditional at monument, it might get muggled, and if it was placed further away, people might not visit the monument. A multi is perfect here.


The other type, which is similar to the above, is where the stages are placed to take you to specific spots where the owner wants you to see or do certain things.


Castle View brings finders up to the top of a peak and then brings you to scenic areas.


Up on the Blue Trail (and it's sister multi) are designed to take you up some challenging terrain, and there's no way to find it without doing the hard terrain.

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I left the choice to them as to whether to multi-cache or not one I hid: Ascutney Assault #1, Ascutney Assault #2


My first thought was to make it a multi but as I was placing them I realized many may not like to spend 6+ hours on the hunt so I made "the challenge" giving them the choice. Many have and I don't regret doing it this way as it is still being hit since placed in 2001.

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A few great MULTI caches come to mind


ODC EcoTour - 8 stages - great hides all around. There is even a multi in the middle to pick up along with a puzzle cache.


NATURE TREASURE - 10 Stage - got the FTF today in the 90 degree heat - then an FTF on the bonus cache. Not every stage uses the GPS - that makes it awesome - you have to think.


Abracadabra - "Super GVSU Man" - read the FTF Logs to learn more


UgoWhereIgo - Stage 1 GPS - Stage 2 Common Sense needed - Stage 3 GPS


Choose Your Own Adventure #2 - #1 is just as awesome (listed as a "?" type)


Come to West Michigan and enjoy.

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I've really only done one multi, but I really enjoyed it. It's GCTMHY in Sykesville, MD. You get five clues related to baseball, like "high and outside" and you have to walk between the baseball fields in the park and look for the next coordinates using those hints. The catch is that you don't know what order to look for them in. It's a really fun cache put together by a really clever hider.

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We've definitely got some creative multi hiders in West Michigan.


GC1BQ74 - a challenging 9 stage cache with well thought-out stages - some in plain sight that you'll still miss.

PB -2 River Walk - GCNMWC - It says something to be used by so many as a major milestone cache. Possibly the best I've seen in this part of the state. I can only imagine the views in the fall, with all the color along the river.

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