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In time for Memorial Day

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A special coin that we made. We enjoy visiting cemeteries and enjoy the memories. This coin is to "Remember Our Fallen". Coin was created by Dumbledore's Army 2006, Heysparkles, yndimc. The art work was done by my brother-in-law. We like to visit the cememtary caches, and are very grateful for our soldiers...Past, Present and Future. We have both an Original and Limited Edition. Both can be purchased. Original Coin is $9 plus shipping. Limited Edition is $11 plus shipping. Shipping is $2 in the continental US. Please email at mwolt88@gmail.com if interested. If you would like to view the coins you can go to my profile Dumbledore's Army 2006 and look up Remember our Fallen. Original is silver finish and Limited Edition has blue finish. What a great was to commerate "Our Fallen" for Memorial Day.

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I'll post some better photos of this coin later (waiting for proper lighting). Dumbledore is RW's dad (my father-in-law).


Specs of this coin:


Size: 1.5in

Thickness: 3mm

Metal: Silver

Qty: 150 RE, 100 LE (paint differences)


Should be about 4 hrs before I can take a good picture using natural lighting.


Also even though it's not in the OP. Shipping within the US is $2 for the first coin plus 50 cents for each additional coin. International shipping is $3 for the first coin plus 50 cents for each additional coin.

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"Remember Our Fallen Coin Give Away Cointest"


The cointest begins when heysparkles and Dumbledore’s Army 2006 go on a Family Reunion/Caching trip.


We will be giving away a set of coins, to a lucky cacher.


Remember Our Fallen Memorial Coin




Remember Our Fallen Limited Edition Memorial Coin


Our trip begins on a super sonic flight (South West Airlines) to Kansas City MO on June 26th 2008. We will then be picked up by our limo. (Budget Rent A Car) From Kansas City, we will make our way north towards ST Joseph, (St Jo) via The Jessie James Family Farm and Memorial. (many virtuals there) Lots of "death" d fying places to visit. We will spend that first night in our mansion. (Budget lodge) in St Jo. This trip will take us to several cities in Kansas. Junction City, Seneca, and Topeka are a few. Searching along the way. The family reunion will be Sat 28th and Sun 29th in Seneca...there are very few caches near the town :rolleyes: but we will make the best of it. On Sunday evening we will travel south to Topeka and once again stay in our luxury mansion. (Caching everywhere we can) Somewhere along this route we are going to place 2 or 3 unactivated "Remember Our Fallen Coins" for some lucky cachers in Kansas to find.. We will then return Monday the 30th to Kansas City, board our Super Sonic Jet and unfortunately return to Salt Lake, to life as we know it.


What we want you to guess is: How many caches we will get on our Family Reunion/Caching Trip.


We will take 2 guesses per each cacher name. In case of a tie, please guess the time of day we would be finding our last cache. (Before we board the jet at Kansas City Airport)

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Oooh...I cant recommend too many caches, but I can say if you will be spending any time in KC I found "Walk The pipe"( http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...3-0020608d6d72) to be an awesome cache and all the caches in the vicinty park...very cool park- I promise you will like it! Just hope you are not too afraid of heights if you will attempt that one.


Wish I could have done more when I was there! seems that for a city, there were more Ammocans and large caches than you find in the woods! But there are many wooded areas throughout KC too! :)


My guess is that you will find either 107 caches on your excursion, if you dont find so many,your gonna find 77! ;)


Have fun and do see all that there is! So many Museums all over and Jesse James sites galore...Ya know The civil war started in MO 10 years before the civil war actually started...Many battlefield sites to see too!


OH your gonna have fun! :) edit to add, You will find your last cache at 4:20 then dart to your plane to return home to life as you know it!!

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We will then return Monday the 30th to Kansas City, board our Super Sonic Jet and unfortunately return to Salt Lake, to life as we know it.

I'll bet that by then Salt Lake will be looking pretty good to you. :)


I guess 75 or 142 and the time: 0815


Have fun!

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