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Forum Moderator: Let's welcome GlobalRat.

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Hello folks.


I'd like your help in welcoming a new Forum Moderator to this area: GlobalRat. He has graciously accepted Groundspeak's offer of the job - more like a plea for help, actually. :grin: Thanks, GR!!


For those of you who haven't read the Forum Guidelines recently, please do have a look. We revised them a little bit in the last few weeks. In general, we will leave it to you, the community, to manage your own conduct. We ask that you treat other forum participants with respect. GR will help the community if any issues arise. He is now at the other end of the "report" button for the few times when that is needed.



Peter Scholtz has other responsibilities at the moment so is no longer a moderator. We owe Peter a huge thanks for having been one of the early passionate adopters of the game in South Africa and so is key in getting the game going in those first few years. He may come back again, but for now, he is enjoying his well-deserved time. Thank you very much, Peter!

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Congrats, Stephen. We have the utmost faith in your abilities, and besides, you'll work for free. hehe.


Thanks for helping out, though I know the SA geocachers are not a rowdy bunch and shouldn't need much moderating. Except for Fish Eagle perhaps.


Much success!



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Thanks for helping out, though I know the SA geocachers are not a rowdy bunch and shouldn't need much moderating. Except for Fish Eagle perhaps.
Yep. I've already reported Post #2.


Phew, for a minute I thought post #2 was mine - what a relief.....

Please stop picking on erik - he's a nice guy and never said anything nasty!! :grin:

Edited by Fish Eagle
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Well done Stephen.... Now while you are in the seat there is a duplicate post that i did just a little further down the list. If you don't mind..... Must have been drinking a whiskey too many and throwing one too many cache containers over my shoulder again.... LOL,

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Thanks for the intro MissJen and to everyone for their kind words. Looking forward to contributing to the forum community.


Thanks again to Peter for the service he has provided for many years and especially his pioneering work for getting Geocaching up and running in SA. Hopefully we'll see him become more active again in the near future.


Keep the topics and discussions flowing, and as per MissJen's post have a review of the Forum Guidelines to refresh your memory, and make our jobs easier.

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