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Getting caches onto a Nuvi

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batsgonemad and his squirrel ... You need to know how to load POI's onto your NUVI. You delete the same way as you would do for POI's. A quick rundown ...

  1. Create a folder on your PC where you keep all your POI's and tourguides
  3. You use the PoiLoader for this
  4. You also use PoiLoader to remove these files from your NUVI (SD card and GPSr)!

What this means is that every time you want to update your POI's you delete all 1st and load all together again ... Personal/Custom POI's, Road safety Data, Tourguides, etc ... IT takes about a minute or two to delete and upload. To prepare your files takes longer ...


Garmap's SA website has excellent "How To" links as well as their forum ...


Hope this help ... Welcome to e-mail me should you get stuck ...


Have fun! :)

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This is nice if you go on an extended trip or holiday otherwise I only load the caches I plan for the day (10 to 20) as a gpx file under my Geocaching header and load a route (distance optimised). With caches for the day I don't create a tourguide with all the whistles and bells and only load them as a normal custom POI file ...



Happy Hunting! :)

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I recently tried out the associated macro listed at the top of the thread on my Nuvi. Worked brilliantly, or so I thought. I noticed that certain Road Safety data alerts were not working. It seemed to only affect mobile cameras. Strangely enough the mobile camera POI is in the GPS with it's proximity circle yet the alert isn't triggered. I did receive some weird error when the POI Loader executed on a Vista platform. I subsequently reloaded just the road safety data on an XP machine and they all work fine again. Thought it may have had something to do with Vista and hadn't bothered to try it again.


On Sunday Warthog had loaded the caches and road safety data on his Nuvi using a XP machine. On Sunday when we went caching we noticed the same anomaly where certain alerts were not triggered. We had my 60csx on as well and it was squealing alerts while the nuvi remained quiet. It seemed to only affect mobile camera alerts but could not be sure.


Has anyone else come across this and if so what causes it?

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