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St. John's Newfoundland area


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Going to St. John's area in July and would appreciate any info on caching there. Is there a search by google maps Canada version? Found plenty of coordinates for caches in Newfoundland/Labrador, but no maps to narrow them down to area I am traveling. I'm new at this so it could be a big duh answer . I don't mind.

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I loved caching out there last summer...beautiful locations. Here are my favorites...


GCKDDP ...quaint village, beautiful view from atop the hill


GCXDZ8 ... on Signall Hill...there are others up here as well.


GCXJZ3 ... the hide is so so but the location is incredible...the farthest east cache in North America...there is another nearby I think


I really enjoyed caching in the St John's area...the scenery was so nice that I actually spent more time taking pictures than caching!!

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see I told you, friendly :grin:

Hi scottbob139,


I'm a local geocacher in St. John's, Newfoundland. Drop me an email with whatever information you are searching for and I'd be more than glad to help out if I can. I'm also new to the forum posting but have been geocaching the area for approximately two years now...

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Be sure to do the whole "Signal Hill" thing and give yourself lots of time and bring water. The walk is worth it! There are four or five caches in that area, including Piglet's Bottomless Pit that was already mentioned.


As you come around the side of the hill, you will enter a residential area. Don't be surprised when the trail goes right over someones front porch. You will literally walk directly between the picnic table on the deck and the front door.


On the other side of the harbour entrance from that is Fort Amherst, which is worth visiting for the view of Signal Hill (and the ruins, and the cache that is there).

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While the cache density may not be that high here in St. John's it is certainyl growing with a whole herd of cachers just getting into the sport and really producing some excellent hides. As I said before, if you want to drop me a line and tell me your interests, I'd be more than willing to suggest some caches that would be suited to your likes. In the meantime may I suggest some of my own...? :rolleyes:


Located downtown, near a host of other caches:


Haunted Hall


An interesting variation on the puzzle theme:


Friends of the Forest


Located near Long Pond and Memorial University, near a whole series of other caches:


Rocky Road to Long Pond


And finally... check out the Bowering Park area... most notable the site of the recent WWFMIII event that was hosted by a local cacher...


WWFMIII Event Cache


There is also a really nice multi that a local cacher created this past fall... If you've got any questions, as I've said, drop me a line!

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