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Your Nearest Found (or unfound) Cache

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taking a page out of the other topic of your farthest away cache, what's your nearest found cache?


to make it even more fun, what's your nearest UNFOUND cache?


my nearest found cache is .3 miles northwest of me (it's my cache), the other found cache near me is also .3 miles from me


my nearest UNFOUND cache is .8 miles from me, and i even know where it is. It's a multi/puzzle cache at the top of my road which i pass by almost EVERY DAY, and it's getting on my nerves

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Nearest Unfound cache is 2.78 miles away. It is a 15 mi. drive to the trailhead and then a 12-mile round trip hike to get to the cache. :) It'll be a while before I get to it . . . :D


Nearest Found cache is 1.29 miles away.


Nearest Owned cache is .55 miles away.

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Nearest cache: 197' (a cache I own in a park across the road)


Nearest found cache: .5 miles


Nearest unfound cache: 1.7 miles, a cache that was published about a week ago, rated 4 stars. It's located on an old steam train near a busy intersection. The owner has placed only one cache and has only one find (in 2004). The cache size is "unknown". There are 7 DNFs (no finds) from five different cachers.


Next closest unfound cache: 9.7 miles, DNFd on this one yesterday. the previous two logs are also DNFs, including one by a cacher that has over 4400 finds.


total number of caches withing 10 miles of my home coordinates: 155

total number of unfound caches within 10 miles: 2 (it was zero a couple of weeks ago)

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Found: 1.1 miles

Unfound: 1.6 (there's an Earthcache and a hide-a-key, each at this distance).


Since I work a significant distance from home, and I do most of my caching after work:

Found: 0.9 miles

Unfound: 0.6 miles. Unlike the LPC that was about 0.3 miles from the door of my building, I'm not avoiding this one; I've been meaning for literally years to do it, especially since I had plans to hide one with the same idea before this one was placed. I just haven't got around it.

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My nearest cache is .13 mile. My own in my back yard. That is the distance from my car parking to the cache at the back of my yard


Nearest found is .3 mile


Nearest un-found is .7 mile


Hope this helps


kf4oox - Paul

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Really envy those with caches so close...the nearest cache (that is not mine) is 15 miles away. That one is marked found. The nearest unfound cache is 32 miles away. There are only 3 caches in our whole county, two of which are mine. With gas prices the way they are, we combine shopping with caching to help justify the trip to any town of size (all between 50 - 60 miles away.)

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Nearest in GER: 567m

Nearest in US: 53 m (that was my third find ever and I laughed loudly when I checked. Ran across the street and... DNF. Came back the next day, much better prepared and logged.)

Nearest DNF is difficult with almost exclusively "?" left in the area.-



P.S.: M = Meters, not miles

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When I discovered caching, of course the first thing I did was punch up the closest caches to my home. Much to my shock there was a cache across the street from my house at the public access for our lake. My daughter and I walked accross the street and found it. Our first find and that is how it all started.


I'd have to punch it up on my GPS but I'm guessing it's under 200' away from the bottom of our driveway. Maybe 300' from the center of our home.


We check on it every now and then.

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Nearest found is my cache, 382 feet.

Nearest unfound is .9mi a puzzle cache in which I have to visit 16 other caches which spread all over New York State. Only one find and they claim to have logged 600 miles to get the FTF. I won't be doing that any time soon with these gas prices.

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Nearest Found-Archived: .33 Miles

Nearest Found-Active: .35 Miles

Nearest Un-Found: About 20 feet from where I am sitting at my computer! :lol:

Yes, It's my own cache siting on my front porch. :rolleyes:

Nearest Un-Found that I don't own: About .75 miles. I have to guess about the distance because it's a puzzle.

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Nearest found is .4 miles.


Nearest unfound is 24 miles.


How about the farthest. LOL.. Went on vacation to Colorado for a couple of weeks.

Glad me and the wife brought the laptop :blink: and for WIFI. We looked forever for a multi cache, turned out we had to come back empty handed..


Farthest unfound 427 miles.


Sorry if this got a little off topic.


(Also looking forward to becoming a premium member in the near future.)

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Nearest found is .3/mile - which is the first cache I ever found coincidentally.


Nearest unfound is .7/mile and it will stay that way. It's a micro at a dead-end that I have no interest in hunting.


I can top that. The first 18 unfound are parking lot micros on my ignore list. B)


Nearest unfound that I'm interested in is 2 miles.


Nearest found is .4 miles, twice.

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Nearest found (not my own) 3.5


Nearest unfound (no my own) 4.5

Theres actually a couple caches about that same distance unfound in the same park. Been putting them off and doing other caches for a while now, though theres not really any reason for it B) .

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My nearest found is 0.9 miles.

Nearest unfound is 2.9 miles.


Nearest found is .4 miles.

Nearest unfound is 24 miles.


Farthest unfound 427 miles.

Wouldn't your farthest unfound be somewhere on the opposite side of the globe, or potentially 12,400 miles away?

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The nearest unfound hide that is active is 3.6 miles away, a night time puzzle cache. I have only done one night time cache and I prefer not to do any more solo. There are close unfound caches but they have been "needs maint." for months.


The nearest cache to me is mine, less than .1 of a mile as the crow flies. I have several within .3 of a mile of my home.

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Nearest is a beautiful spot 1.8 miles away, and I have to drive about 10 miles to get there because it's on the other side of a river.


After that the nearest is 2.7 miles.


Nearest unfound are two 6.6 miles away, both in a park two rivers away. I was going to go after them yesterday, but ran out of time.

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As I read this I did a local search again and found that the closest un-found cache (1.9 miles) is one that had bad logs for months and months and I refused to go on the hunt until it was repaired. I see now that the owner finally archived the listing. :ph34r:


The next closest is being saved for a family outing. ;)

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