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Pocket Queries?


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O I figured it out, when I originally filled out the PQ page I did not think I had to check a day of the week since I was checking "run this query once and delete" (they are under the same heading)


I went to my queries page and checked Wednesday and after the page refreshed it said it had generated the query. I just checked my email and it is there.



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On my FAQ page, there's a specific entry...


Make sure your results are set to "Zip".

Overzealous virus filters may kick out .gpx files, even though they cannot execute (they're just actually text files).

Did you select a day to run?

Even if you tell the query "run once then delete" you HAVE to select a day of the week ("Monday") for the PQ to run.

Did you mistakenly click "Add to queue"?

The "Add to Queue" button on the pocket query page is ONLY for getting a pocket query of all of YOUR finds.

Did the query generate yet?

On the Pocket Query Page in the grid, if the query has generated in the last 24 hours, it will be bold with a date. If it hasn't generated yet, it may just be waiting its turn.

Check your spam folder.

With a subject line that looks automated and an attachment that is likely in the format of 999999.zip, some overzealous spam filters may place it there

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I keep getting no results for my PQ. What am I doing wrong???

You might be selecting opposing items. Here is how I fill out one part of the PQ form:




Always "Preview" the PQ results first before choosing a day for it to run so you don't "waste" an empty PQ.


Check out Markwell's excellent tutorial about Pocket Queries. :D

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AAAAAAHHHH!!!! I must have done somethign right cause when I previewed them I saw caches! Yeah!


But it was not in my email. I checked all then downloaded. I put the points on my SD card but it must be the wrong format cause they only show up one at a time on my palm and I cannot sort, plus I cannot see any info but the GC number!


I wish I knew someone who did paperless caching who could show me the ropes in person.

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Did you get the attachment in your email after choosing a day for the PQ to run? If not, you might need to get a Gmail account for your GC.com mail and PQs.


On your Palm, you do not need CacheNav. And, if you are using GSAK, you do not need CMConvert. From GSAK, you can Export the data in the correct format, and GSAK even prepares the file for the next HotSync.


Or, just make note of the path of the .pdb file you create with the "Export" and then copy that file to the card in a card reader, if you are using a data card in your Palm.

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Thanks for the tips! I had not downloaded gsak yet, I was hoping to do it all with one program, or at least something. I still do not fully understand the hoops to jump through but I suppose once I get started it will become clear. I am having enough problems trying to get my new/old palm to run. Mostly me, I've never used one.


I'm sure you have not heard the last of me. <_<

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