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cannot hot sync my palm m500!

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I downloaded the update for vista from the palm site but I still cannot sync. It keeps looking for a driver. I have the original files on a CD but it doesn't seem to like them. At one point it wanted a username.


Did I do somethign in the wrong order? I know other members here use the m500 with vista so I know it can be done.



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You have to have the same username in the Palm Desktop software that is on your Palm. It should HotSync after you create that account as long as the software and drivers are up-to-date.


I have Win XP Media Edition and cannot HotSync because of compatibilty issues between the Palm Desktop software and that OS. :rolleyes: I use the card reader to transfer the .pdb files for Cachemate on my Palm m515.

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I rebooted a million times and reloaded the software in various orders.


The time it asked for a password was probably the time I came the closest. I don't have a username for my palm. I typed in my team name at one point but cannot find it at the moment. Anyhoo, I tried using that as the user name and it didn't like that either.


I downloaded the driver from the cd I got (I got it from someone on ebay that repairs and refurbishes palms, it looks brand spanking new). The CD was made by him and has the origional palm cd software on it, plus the new 4.1 version. I also have the link to palm where you can download the vista version. It is my understanding that the vista version is a fix to be used in addtion to the driver, not a driver in and of itself.


Windows recognizes the new hardware and attempts to find the driver in it's directory of drivers. Then it asks for other options but the only option I can select is going to the web which of course it doesn't work (the web works but it can't find a driver there)


If the palm shuts off while windose is fiddling around windows quits looking for it, it just gives up.


I'm going to give it another try, I will post the results.

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When you did the HotSync, did you install the Cachemate.prc program?


If so, when you are on the main page looking at all the programs, Cachemate should show up as an icon. I created a separate category for Geocaching and moved the icon there, but when I show "All" it can be seen there.

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Ok, I finally got to where I see cachemate on my palm! Yeah!!!!


So I tried to do a pockey query and have not suceeded yet. So I went to a cache page and downloaded a cache, drug it to the palm folder on the SD card, and it showed up on my palm. Yeah!


But it doesn't have much info, not even the coordinates. I guess it's the wrong format. apparently you have to use the pocket cache format or something.


At least I'm getting closer!

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