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Pocket Queries question


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Does anyone know how to go about searching (if there is a way) for caches in my area that have not been found in a while...


I would think this would be a good addition to the Pocket Queries. They have "Found last 7 days" why not "Not found in last 30 days" or a combo box that says "Not Found" and you could select, 7, 30, 60, 365...


Maybe I'm the only one that would care about such things but I would like to know if anyone else things this could be useful, unless there is a way to figure this out...




Tom Cusick

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i generated a couple of pocket queries before i really knew what i was doing. does anybody know of a way to delete generate queries so i don't go over my quota? i didn't see any instructions for deleting prev. queries i'm open to any ideas anyone has on this. i have geocachnavigator which i use for my city searches ( i live in la) but i want to get the gpx files for my nokia 6110 for when i do mountain serches and i'm out of networkc coverage topanga state park and all

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On your "Manage your Pocket Queries" page you can turn off a specific PQ by unchecking all of the days of the week. They won't be generated again until you check a day box again.


If you really want to delete a PQ (because you will never run that one again) you can click the check box in front of the query(ies) that you want to delete and then click "Archive" at the bottom. A little confusing but that's what does it for me.


You can have up to 40 queries on your Queries page (of course, only 5 can be run per day).

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