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Armadillo Geocoin


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*snip* Well since I no idea what to do for a back how do you feel about one side regular and the other decorative and colorful?

Ooh! I like that idea!


And to keewee: Armadillos have been seen at least as far north as St. Louis, MO. I was driving to work one day and saw one dead on the side of the road... :lol: A Conservation Ranger I spoke to confirmed my "sighting" and said that they were definitely moving up in the world... :ph34r:



That one was stuck under my truck all the way from Oklahoma! I sure am glad it finally fell off.


I was at Ft. Sill, OK when I saw my first. I was supposed to be running 2 miles, but I had to stop and watch it cross the road. I love what I've seen in here! Great Idea.

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Here is the artwork for the 3D armadillo. It will be all metal. Let me know what you think. Here is the thing, I have enough money to buy 100 of one of the versions. If I did this we would not get an icon, or any other cool stuff with it. I can do a preorder. This would allow us to have both designs availalbe and possibly different color combinations for the fiesta edition. We could also have an icon. Which do you prefer?

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