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Caching Poetry

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I started this off in another thread and it just got stuck there.

I thought I might as well start it elsewhere.

So here is a new thread,

For you to get something out of your head,

Just any old thing,

As long as it keeps us laughing,

Be it about your latest FTF,

or even that dreaded DNF,

Tell us all about the search for that little hidden box,

or even the removal of blackjacks from your socks.


Note: No reply is allowed without poetic content.... Have fun

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Now that Discombob has crossed the border

I wonder if a challenge is not in order

A man with imagination

And a preoccupation

Of things esoteric and of tall order


Oh curses that last line is not fine

It matches another line

We will have to think

Of another chink

To make it rhyme in manners sublime

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Just the other day

I received a note

My cache had gone away

Didn't like that quote.


So I hopped into my car

The famous Corsa 4x4

ready to travel far

to see if it was no more


When I got to the spot

I looked for the cache

In it's hiding place it was not

All that was left was a pile of trash.


This led to some resent

but this place was once nice and clean

What we need is a CITO event

and this place will be a dream.

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At last this thread is becoming witty,

And Wazat is now sitting pretty.

I have to wrack my brains some more

As poetry is quite a chore.


For all FTF hunters far and wide -

this weekend I shall place another hide.

"Toy Story 2" - a clue I shall make -

Could be somewhere near the Island Lake.

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I am not sitting pretty,

I have lots of work to do,

Not much time to do poetry

unlike some people like you.


I would like to go out and Geocache,

But right now I don't have the time,

I gotta earn some cash

Or I won't have a single dime.

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Alas this day comes to an end

For a little poetry you my arm did bend

So before this day rides off in it's hearse

Here are a few lines of verse


The cachers who went out today

to find boxes that others did lay

probably did not have much work to do

Unlike poor me and you


But when the weekend comes

we will get off our bums

we all hop in our caching van

and find as many as we can

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Now this weekend that went by

Down to PE i did fly

With no caching in this area planned

I was awaiting my lift with phone in hand


Opened up Geocache Navigator

Cause my lift would only be there later

And did a quick cache search

While next to the red machine i was perched


To my surprise

There was a cache closer than i had realised

For at less than a meter

There was a micro on a parking meter


( This is based on my find at PE airport while awaiting my lift who was delayed by a flat tyre. I could hardly believe my luck It was a recently placed cache that was not up on my Garmin as I had not loaded the caches for this area from the list of new caches. When I fired up Geocache Navigator on my Phone it showed that the cache was less than a meter away. I was in actual fact standing right next to it and just squatted to retrieve it from it's hiding place. Didn't even move from the spot. Chances of that happening? Must be really slim. I can imagine if that happened as it was published. That would have been the sweetest FTF ever. Speaking of I managed to steal two FTF's down there right out under the EC cacher's noses... LOL.)

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Just the other day,

Took off a few days and went away,

Went a friend to see

Spent some days at the sea.


Went down to St Francis Bay

Two caches down that way

Went for a walk down a beach,

Along which there was a cache in reach.


Found it quick,

I was rather slick,

Found that box

Lying under some rocks.


Quickly signed the log book,

Hid it back in it's stoney nook,

Then went on my way,

To enjoy my holiday.

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I was feeling sad,

Holiday was at an end for this lad

My bag was packed and ready to go

So was my pen, oh no.


With a a few minutes to spare,

I said, lets go do a cache over there

One last try

before I fly.


I had no pen to sign,

What to do this time,

Because i was so lax,

My log i did sign in wax.

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A few weeks ago,

A cache was placed in a place i like to go.

So today when my work did end,

A little time i to caching would lend.


So the little car took that road,

To a FTF that bode.

It was in the mountains, near a stream,

Wonder it it would be a dream.


So i drove as far as i could,

The rest was going to be a walk through a wood.

Darkness and a thunderstorm was coming in quick,

To find the cache i better be slick.


And as i descended the steep path,

I started to do the math.

When i find the cache it will be the time the sun has set,

And with the brewing storm the path will be wet.


I upped my pace and on i pushed.

By the time i reached the cache i was pretty bushed.

I found the box,

Hidden neatly on the rocks.


Signed the log and packed it away,

I could no longer stay.

I headed back,

Could barely see the track.


And when the lightning and thunder did sound,

Along the path i did bound.

Soon it was dark,

Where did I park?


For a hour or so, slowly i did go,

Guided only by my GPS glow.

It took me ages,

Slipped at some stages.


Finally i did reach my car,

Bloody hell that was far.

And learn from my advice,

Next time you go caching in the dark,

Please think twice,

And mark a waypoint where the car is parked.

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My sojourn the other day in the wet,

Had me visiting the humans vet,

You have a serious case of flu he said

Spend the rest of the week in bed.


So now i must cuddle up nice and warm

Or the flu will not go away he did warn

So due to my early evening first to find

I now have an earlier bedtime.


Gives me time to work on that TD

The one that people are waiting to see

Will it be hard to seek

Will have to think of that while i sleep.

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We’ll try to do our bit

But for poetry we’re very unfit

Wazat’s troubles had me inspired

So I closed my eyes and fired…


Still in the land of the Ozzies

We’re forever tortured by mozzies

But bravely I took the geobike

To do the deed we so much like


In the woods the road suddenly ended

Which left no choice but for rules to be bended

Bundu-bashing to the treasure

I fought off fat spiders to my displeasure


With cache in hand

I started to survey the land…

Where the geobike could be

Was not very easy to see…


At very long last the bike was in hand

One thing I clearly understand –

What makes me want to fight:

It was all in broad daylight!


One important lesson was learned

In order not to get burned -

In future coords should be taken

Otherwise you might be badly mistaken!!

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In berg I found myself the other day.

A big crash in Oliviers hoek pass did block my way.

There was a cache I found nearby.

Did it on the fly.


Now this was very interesting

The container was a common thing.

But this cacher was sleek.

For a cache this container was actually quite unique.


But the joy of the First to Find.

Soon left my mind.

For the top of the container was stuck.

I couldn't get to the book.


So with only a R10 note on which to put my name.

I wrote it down to state my claim.

Rolled it up and put it in the hole.

Hooray I had achieved my goal.


After waiting for the crash to clear.

It was going to be too long I hear.

I headed back to the cache.

To give it one last bash.


And at the owners advice.

I tapped the container once or twice.

Off popped the top and inside I could look.

And finally sign the log book.


So all the cachers looking for Killburn's Wall.

So sorry but I beat you all.

But for a caching treat.

This is one cache you must meet.

Edited by Wazat
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Oooops alas this little thread i started,

Almost became the dearly departed,

And thanks to the pooks

It has made a return it looks.

Now this brings to mind

The latest cache I did find.


Nearby a church I did have to park,

So I did, in the pitch dark.

Had to go look for a clue,

In a very diminished view.

The light from my cellphone was not very bright,

On this dark and stormy night.


So with no idea of what was the year,

I moved on to clue number two, which was near.

And by the glow of my headlight,

I searched for more clues in the night.

Upon an old war monument,

I found a date on which many to Heaven were sent.


With clues in place,

To the next point I did race.

But the rains had made the road into mud,

Racing on these would not be good.

So taking it slow,

Towards the cache i did go.


The final was where i had thought.

It was a place I once before had sought.

With the cache in my hand at last,

I thought let me mark my first to find fast.

But my joy was soon to shreds torn,

When I discovered the FTF went to a guy called Springhorn.


Ntombi Battlefields

Edited by Wazat
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A FTF is always the best,

A DNF can leave you depressed,

A muggle en-route will slow you down,

And leave you sat waiting... around!

But when the coast is eventually clear,

You rush right in and sign TFTC TNLT SL !!!!


(Not enough coffee I have had, as you can see this poem is quite sad !!)

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Recycling Shakespeare @ GC15XEZ :


This porcelaine throne, this septic spot,

This dearth of majesty, this seat of cars & coaches,

This other midden, never Paradise,

This fortress built of micros for themselves

Breeding infection and the scourge of film cans,

This insane breed of cacheurs, their little world,

This precious GZ set in a tarmacadam sea,

Which serves it in the office of a wall

Or as a moat defensive to a 5/5,

Against the envy of more worthy cacheurs,

This accursed cache, this micro, this film can, this pointless find.

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Oh my goodness this thread came back to life

Just as I was about to hit the bed,

Now this is asking my mind to be as sharp as a knife.

Now what poetry could I find in my head.


Today I did drive to a spot on the road

To seek that new I con on my GPS I did load.

I arrived at ground zero

Hoping to be a FTF hero.


But alas this place was busy as can be

But where I parked the hiding spot I could see,

Waiting for the muggles to go by

This one would require a bit of sly


So hopping from the car I headed for the rocks,

In search of a little square box

I found it where I thought it would have been,

This my FTF number thirteen.


Thanks Noddy for and excellent cache,

Now to give the others a bash.

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Alas my car chose to stand still,

And so with it my caching thrill,

Hopefully it will be fixed soon enough,

Cause caching without transport is tough.


Some say take a hike,

Others say use your bike,

But when caches in my area are few,

What am I supposed to do?


Now if only caches in my area would grow,

Some that the local newbies would sow,

Then once again I could go for a First to Find,

And not have to sit around on my behind.

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The Search


I chose this trackable with a passion to write,

Many words to say, they keep me awake at night.

These struggles and sufferings, with no end in sight,

This game I play to relieve life's plight.


I travel to places beyond my dreams,

Some joyful and peaceful, so unreal it seems.

Thrill and excitement, inside me they grow,

In anticipation of what I'll find when I reach ground zero.


Like contentment in life, I search and I search,

In hope to find resolution and take hold from its perch.

At times I succeed, and other times I fail,

But I won't give up, awaiting that holy grail.


Life's journey provides no GPS,

Relying on choices, well, often creates a mess.

But longitude and latitude; they provide a way,

With only a muggle to thwart triumph that day.


Seeking true essence, I search high and low,

With a yearning to thrive, learn and grow.

With little expectation I pursue and I hunt,

Yet all that I do seems to boomerang a stunt.


All this searching I do, on occasion for just a hug,

Although I take great pleasure in this really cool travel bug.

These things I find provide connection to one more,

A need and desire inspiring me to soar.


At times life seems so lonely and bleak,

Feeling lost and desolate, fragile and weak.

Recalling a memory I gain a peek,

It's a childhood game called hide and seek.


Unraveling life's challenges leaves me in a fog,

Thought I found some meaning when using the grog.

Now I find much solace in a swamp and a bog,

And yelling "I Found it" and signing a log.


From clue to clue and cache to cache,

I find joy and certainty as I seek each stash.

I follow the coordinates and just in case,

I bring my own pen if it's a micro I face.


Whether a smilie or a frown, it really doesn't matter,

As I reach each target I feel exuberant and gladder.

My spirit surmounts with all the dashing and snatching,

I give thanks to all gamers and this thing called, geocaching.


babsland 10-6-12

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Thanks to my friend Bruce,

Time to let the poets loose,

Here we go again,

time to make lines sound the same.


I too attended the Mega event,

It was money well spent,

I got the hat and the coins,

Even managed a few first to finds.


There were teams that went out,

to find caches all about,

We had some fun caches to be seen,

even used a Mercedes as a ladder for one of our team.


We did the nine icon walk,

Along the way much we did talk,

a joyous bunch of cachers,

cleaning up the mess of trashers.


Then in the midst of many a muggle,

Under the watch of the monument of Afrikaaner struggle,

188 cachers did sing,

we made a big ring.


Drowning out the sounds of the people around,

the voices of all the cachers was sound,

People of PTA, a very confused Sipho, Themba and Bob,

were treated to a sudden flash mob.


Thank ytou Mega Team,

You helped South African cachers realise a dream,

Our very first Mega event,

Brilliantly it came and went....

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