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Sending cachepages to a PDA

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I use GSAK, the procedure is easy.


1. Get proper desktop and sync program for you PDA. If a Palm product, here. .

2. Cachemate is the program I use to manage my cache info on the PDA. $8.

3. I send PQs directly into GSAK when I download, except "My Finds".

4. After setting and running filters, refine the finished product to what you wish to load in GSAK.

5. I load the same filter to all locations, GPSr, maps, and PDA. For the last two choices, get file menu, export, Cachemate on top line for PDA, map program of choice below.

6. Plug in PDA and sync. Be sure to put cache info onto SD card if you have one, keep memory in PDA open to manage info.

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