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caches stored in calender.

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When I "find" a cache on my venture I can tell the unit I have found it and supposably it stores the day in a "calender" somewhere. I cannot seem to find that data. I mistakenly made one cache found and now cannot figure out which one that is. Plus I wanted to see a list of my found caches and thought there was a way to display those, and the date found, and can't figure that out.


I guess it's a moot point since I am a premium member and soon to be paperless geocacher but the book says it does this and I want to know where it keeps that info.

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there is a calender section in mine... probably right off the main menu but I don't remember off hand. mine shows every day of the month? or week. can't remember. you can scroll forwards / backwards to bascily any day for years. days with stuff with will be a different color or symbol, so you can choose it, to read info for that day.


you can set the auto calender storing off and on. if yours isn't turned on. there won't be anything in the calender.

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That's the only way it works. You scroll day by day to view/locate found caches. I would upload the caches into MapSource and view each found cache to try and figure out which one I missmarked. Hopefully, you don't have too many marked! I delete my found caches as I log them on the webpages.

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