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Fortune Favors the Bold

The Moop Along

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Two inverted pentograms?


We have another winner!!!


The pentagram, a symbol of protection as well as the personal symbol of King Solomon (an historical figure admired as being both bold and brave) is repeated twice. Once among the 5 symbols, and once among the 5 clovers...






Good job ;) PM me your snail mail and I'll put something in the mail out to you soon! Thanks for playing everybody :ph34r:


Received my prize today for winning the cointest :):):):):)B)B):D:D:D Thank you so much Fox and the Hound for holding it. It's the first one I've won. I can't wait for the remint to come in on these.

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Who can tell me what the symbols mean first? ...snip


OK Chris, let me try this again.




Letters intersperced within the design spell out PROSPERITY



You got it! We have a winner!! ...snip...

Wow Yay I won the first round! Thanks so much, you know I REALLY wanted to. I love looking at your coins and finding the hidden surprises!

I received my coin on Friday! A Lovely Antique Copper one! Thanks so much Chris...now you need to watch your mail for a surprise!

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I normally don't open threads for new releases at The Geocoin Store. I mean, they're good friends, but I feel bad jamming their product around the boards.


However, that being said, I just popped into the store to find this:





Fortune Favors the Bold, another STUNNING design from Mackey himself. At 5MM thick and $8.50 each (WOW) I can't imagine this one is going to sit around very long.


Nice job Chris (and Mike)



Looks like these are back in stock , Also note states a Antique Silver / Red version is pending :rolleyes: I got one of these from creacher in trade really well done coin :rolleyes:

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I haven't been too active on the forum for the past month or two, as I have been spending as much time as possible on the caching trail. I am so glad I checked in today though because I've been waiting for these to come in (the red/silver ones). I am so broke right now it hurts, but did manage to place a small order. Thanks for the update, I love these coins.

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