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Hoof & Horn Cointest

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I'm not sure if these count or not...lol

This was on our cruise to Alaska a few years ago...This is Mr TH...can you tell that he was getting tired of getting his pic taken in front of these things? He had to make his signature pose.....







If those don't count...here's a "real" pic of a hoofed animal...this was in Estes Park, CO..a whole herd of Elk walked by while I was caching...it was very cool! (The one pic is elk in front of the Stanley Hotel...(you know...the hotel from "The Shining"?)



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Oh, that's a GREAT idea for a cointest :D


I took this photo in a german zoo...but I don't remember if it was a moose or a reindeer.... :)




And here are some hoofs & horns... :)



Scrubbing itself with a broom :)



This cow was VERY interested in my camera :angry: I met her while I was searching for a cache... friendly, but extremly curious :)


Melli :)

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I took this one at the zoo a couple of weeks ago, on Mother's Day actually. The baby doesn't have his horn yet, and it looks like the mama had her horn cut off! But, I had a great time watching them run around together. Only thing better would be getting to see it in their natural environment.


*edited so my photo isn't so huge!

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Since I've spent the last 6 years doing research on dairy cows I thought it would be fitting to post these pics! The woman in the picture is one of the research technicians taking rumen fluid from a ruminal cannula in a dairy cow. It's a window into the largest stomach of a cow (and every ruminant). Enjoy!





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At my sons birthday we went on a tour to the deer in our local wildlife sanctuary.

Here there are some fallow and sika:



The children were allowed to feed them with lichen and learned that they actually die if they feed on gras.

That's why the reindeer are kept in a barren area and have some willow branches to strip the bark.



One was very tame and quite nosey. There might be some lichen in my pocket, one never knows...



After some time with the live reindeers we walked over to a tent, in which we all sat on reindeerfur around a small fire, ate muffins and listened to a true story about trolls.

Later on, they practised lassoing a deer, well it was a fur over a wooden block with some horns attached...


It was great and all the not so small kids (around 11 years old) enjoyed their day with the deer.


The sanctuary has quite a selection on different deer as well as other horn and hoof sporters, unfortunately no moose.


There's a great childrens book, called 'What use is a moose'! We love it!


Kind regards, ElliPirelli

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Our local zoo has had a celebrity for many years: Gemina the giraffe. Born with the defect seen here she lead a normal life at the zoo and lived to the age of 21.

GeminaGiraffe.jpg A face more than a mother could love...


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Here is my Sara at horse camp last year. It was her first year.




Here is my Katlyn at horse camp last year with one of the mini horses. This was her 3rd year. Horses are her favorite animal.




Thanks for the cointest!



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Here you go a bunch from Sweden. :)

(I want to stand outside of this cointest because I am the wife of MCB , but I share the photos anyway ) :)



A big visit outside around the corner..

I wish I did have a better camera with me insted of a mobile camera :)


It looks like he say boo! and scares the other one to jump.


Can he see me?


He looked and gave me that expression ..like.. na na na -you can not catch me..

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We have the occasional moose wander through our property, but I couldn't find any pictures, so it will have to be a deer instead. We have a herd of deer who clean up the mess under the bird feeder in the winter. Very handy! White-tailed deer shed their horns every winter, so I'm not sure he qualifies for the hoof/horn contest. yearling.jpg

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I felt so bad as I was taking this........it must have been near their feeding time and they all came rushing towards me. Then they just stood staring and looked so disappointed....especially the lambs. Thought I'd stick this one up because they do have tiny hooves and this breed have horns lol.....they're hardly as interesting as a moose or any of the other critters on here though!! :D



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Here are some pictures from a place that my family and I visit every summer called Pine Mountain Lake. Deer are very common there and very friendly towards humans. Here are two pictures of me hand-feeding deer and one of a deer running away.







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On May 29, 2002, while driving to my first week long hike inside the Grand Canyon National Park, we passed these elk eating breakfast in the median between the road and a hotel parking lot in Tusayan on Highway 64 outside of the south entrance into the national park.





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May 2002, I was resting on top of a picnic table in the bottom of the Grand Canyon National Park while my son played on the edge of the water. While there these Mule Deer walked right by us, they were within a few feet of us and just went on about their business.





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Thought I would enter some of my pictures, in hopes of winning and getting my geocoin collection started. These pictures were taken in Denver, Colorado at the Denver Zoo.









Bonus horn themed image: This was taken in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden during my trip there last summer.



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